60,000 low-quality Apps removed from Google Play

Google has gotten rid of 60,000 apps of low quality from their Google Play this past February.

These apps were considered harmful by the company according to TechCrunch. A report published by the site says that Google erased apps that belonged to the MP3 and ringtones category. The reason for such a drastic move: the applications were thought to be violating copyright. Last month, the company got rid of AdAway and AdBlock Plus. Not all 60,000 apps were deleted by Google themselves, though. But the report shows that a vast majority of them were.

Recent rumors have been talking of a new Google Play version dubbed 4.0 arriving this year. So many specialists are saying the the removal of this large number of apps may have something to do with this.

Google is known to have already erased apps which they thought would violate their Terms of Service. The company generally check the applications store not during the publication of the apps, but after they’ve been sent into the store. google-play-logo

This procedure is more successful at preventing spam and malware that could affect smartphone users.

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The Google Play store is said to contain an official number of 700,000 apps. 100,000 less than what Apple App store counts. Some are saying that the Play store has over 676,000 applications. Nevertheless, that’s a huge number. But in the end it’s not a matter of how many applications each store contains. It’s more about their quality. Quality over quantity, as the old adage says.

So Google wants to show users of their Google Play store that they do everything they can to prevent spammy, or in any other way dangerous, apps from messing with their handsets or tablets. The company’s automated systems have been created for just this purpose.

The decision to do away with 60,000 apps is probably just one of the moves that the company plans on taking from now on.