Upgrade Galaxy S3 L710 to SlimBean Build 6 Jelly Bean 4.2.2 custom ROM

Sprint Galaxy S3 L710 is the handset for which there is a new special custom ROM called SlimBean Build 6 to help it update to the latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean version.

Here are a couple of the most important features to look forward to once you are done with this tutorial: SlimPIE, Camera Sound Toggle, Blacklist function, higher camera resolution and so on. All of them will make sure you get to enjoy using your phone even more than you used to.

Be careful how you handle the device after you update it with the SlimBean Build 6 ROM. If you do something wrong before and while you install it on the handset, you will have to take it to a repair shop.


There are the particular pre-requisites that prepare the ground for the actual installation of the firmware. So let’s see how they look: charge the phone’s battery, create backups using our instructions, download for your phone and Gapps archive from this page on your laptop, turn on USB debugging, use a laptop that is available with Windows and get the USB drivers that are meant for the Galaxy S3 L710 on the same notebook or PC.Galaxy-S3-SPH-L710-sprint


  1. Once the two zip files from our pre-requisites are now on your comp, you have to plug the smartphone to it with the aid of the handset’s USB cord. Then transfer the archives from the laptop’s desktop to the smartphone’s SD card and, when done with this action, take the USB cable out of the phone and power it off.
  2. To make the smartphone enter a mode called Recovery, you need to press and hold, at the same time, Volume Up, Home and Power; when the phone’s display commences to suddenly flash, let go of the buttons you used to press and hold.
  3. Perform a NANDroid backup as soon as the Galaxy S3 L710 is in the Recovery Mode by opting for the following: Backup & Restore and after that Backup.
  4. This needs to be followed by something else: go back to the Recovery Menu and opt for Factory Reset/Wipe Data; choose “Yes” when a second screen appears, which means that you have confirmed the wiping task.
  5. Have some patience, then return to the Recovery Menu. Once landed there, you have to choose Wipe Cache Partition, opt for Wipe Dalvik Cache and choose Install zip from SD card.
  6. Choose, next, the option called Choose zip from SD card and flash the the custom ROM archive; but first, find it and then opt for it by tapping on Power, then confirm the flashing by choosing Yes.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The installation of the Google Apps is next; to do that, repeat everything you did from this point onward: “and choose Install zip from SD card (…)”.
  8. Now that the smartphone has the Google Apps zip file as well, you need to find yourself in the Recovery Menu again. Opt for the phone’s restarting. The Galaxy S3 L710 for Sprint will reboot; after that is is going to boot up into the Android 4.2.2 JB SlimBean Build 6 custom ROM.

Discover all of the features we talked about in our post and all the other ones we didn’t mention!