How to Root Galaxy Young GT-S6310L

Galaxy Young GT-S6310L will receive a major update. The latter has the role of letting you enjoy this smartphone more than you currently do. Does that sound good? If you think so, then allow us to introduce you to the wonders of root access!

Your phone is known under different names. Here they are: Samsung Galaxy Young Duos S6312 and Samsung S6310L. The rooting tool we wanted to discuss today is this: SRSRoot. This is a dedicated application which owns a large number of novel things. Each of them will contribute to different parts of your phone.

SRSRoot is an application that is powered by an SRS Server. With it installed on the Samsung GT-S6310L, the phone will deliver superior performance. The exact goodies it will receive are presented in the next couple of paragraphs.

Here’s the first of them: this app is compatible with many Android versions. The one your device is equipped with is Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Which, as mentioned, will stay where it is even after you’ve ended with a rooted smartphone. The tool we opted for works with plenty of Build IDs; including the one we chose for your phone: JZO54K.S6310LUBAMH1.

The benefits of this procedure

The device you want to root will come out of the procedure with new features and battery tweaks to enhance it. The processor of choice for your phone is this: 1 GHz Cortex-A5. Once the app has rooted the device, this CPU will have reasons to improve its general speed. The SRSRoot app can offer its services for free. And it doesn’t do its job on a selected number of gadgets. This software is available for numerous device models coming from different manufacturers.Galaxy-Young-GT-S6310L

If a rooting’s performed, the handset you own will also meet superuser permission. Root-only apps will join that; as will admin permission together with custom ROMs. To make the phone look according to your personal preference, the SRSRoot has customization options. If you don’t like bloatware, you won’t have it; the dedicated app is free of them. The root access will also steer clear from security problems.

The rooting of your phone messes with the warranty. You can solve this impending issue with help from a dedicated tutorial. If an update is something you want to perform after the rooting, you are free to do it. But not before you know how it affects your phone. An update firmware can very well erase system partition. The device will lose its root access, too. The same kind of problems won’t affect the handset’s data or its internal / external SD cards.


You should take into consideration the pre-requisites suggested below:

  • create, for the data stored on the phone, a batch of backups;
  • a full NANDroid backup should also be created;
  • USB drivers fit for the Galaxy Young GT-S6310L need to be installed on your laptop from here;
  • a handset with a fully charged battery should be used;
  • the operating system in use on your laptop needs to be Windows;
  • the security programs that come with the laptop have to be fully disabled for this post;
  • the ones flashed on the smartphone needs to be turned off.

Step by step instructions

  1. To start this off, consider downloading the SRSRoot app from over here on your laptop. Don’t use a different download link for this first step.
  2. When you have opened the link we posted here, you’ll come upon a download button. It needs to be clicked on. When done, wait until the app’s on the laptop. If it’s there, go to it and do this: install it, then open it.
  3. Tap, on your handset, the following: Unknown Sources. If you don’t locate this option that quickly, here’s help to find it: tap Menu and then Settings.
  4. USB Debugging is the next option you should tap after you’re done with the Unknown Sources one. This option is the one we mentioned in the pre-requisites phase. So, if this option’s enabled already, plug the phone to the laptop.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Next: begin the handset’s rooting. To go through this procedure, tap Root Device (All Methods). Your device should soon enter the rooting phase.
  6. Which will require approximately 14 minutes to end. If the procedure takes more than 15 minutes, redo the previous steps. Then restart the smartphone by clicking on this option: Reboot System Now.

The Galaxy Young GT-S6310L has new stuff to discover now. Do the same. And, if you don’t like the root access and its subsequent goodies, we recommend an unrooting. Which is something that this app can assist you with!

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