How to Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 SGH-T859

Galaxy Tab 10.1 SGH-T859 can be rooted as easily as other gadgets. You just have to look for the tool that best works with your device. We found such a one: SRSRoot. This app has a lot of welcome surprises. What they are and how to get them are things you’ll discover very soon!

The procedure you’ll learn how to perform can’t work without the SRSRoot. But what exactly is this tool? First of all, it’s a dedicated app. Second: it’s free. What makes it even more special: the novelties it possesses. They will all end up on your tablet once the latter’s rooted.

The benefits of this procedure

Other goodies make the SRSRoot stand out. They are as follows: options to personalize the Samsung SGH-T859 and to make its battery last longer than usual. More to come is the following: superuser permission and custom ROMs. The CPU on your tablet is this: dual-core 1000 MHz. It may not provide the best speeds; the SRSRoot, however, will make sure that it does from now on. Admin permission, new features and root-only apps are other goodies to expect from the rooting.Galaxy-Tab-10.1-SGH-T859

Your Galaxy Tab 10.1 SGH-T859 won’t have bloatware because of the rooting app. The procedure was performed using this Build ID: HTJ85B.UVKJ3. The app we worked with lets the gadget’s owners use whatever Build ID he or she wants. The SRSRoot is freeware that allows you to use it a way to unroot the tablet. An SRS Server powers it and it works with numerous device models. The rooting will not bring security problems. Android 3.2 is the OS used by your gadget; root access doesn’t revoke it.

You will lose the tablet’s warranty at the end of the rooting. Grabbing it back is a piece of cake. If the tablet is looking at an update, its root access will be a thing of the past; so will its system partition. The data and internal / external SD cards inside it will live on.


After you’re aware of what’s to be had from rooting the device, you need pre-requisites. They are detailed in the upcoming part:

  • activate USB Debugging on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 SGH-T859;
  • find, for your notebook, USB drivers that are compatible with the tablet you want rooted;
  • these USB drivers must then be installed on the notebook;
  • a regular backups (or more of them) need to be created;
  • after saving the tablet’s data like that, perform a full NANDroid backup, too;
  • the notebook’s security tools will have to be deactivated for the time being;
  • the tablet’s own security tools must be turned off for now;
  • charge the tablet until its battery’s charge levels aren’t low anymore;
  • the OS version sported by the notebook should be Windows.

Step by step instructions

The requirements described above have just prepared the tablet for its upcoming rooting. If you are done with them, then find out what steps there are to follow.

  1. Here is the first of many: make sure your notebook has the SRSRoot app flashed on it. To do that, however, the app must first be downloaded. What better place to find it than this page? After getting to the latter, click on a download button that’ll come up.
  2. When the installation of the app is over, launch it on the notebook, as well. The next step we ask you to perform has to do with the activation of a certain option. This one: Unknown Sources.
  3. In order to turn said option on, look it up. To find it without wasting too much time, we suggest tapping Menu and then Settings.
  4. When you’ve gotten to the latter, search for the Unknown Sources underneath it. Once done, you should activate this other option if you failed to do so. It has the following name: USB Debugging.
  5. Next: enter the tablet in a connection with your notebook. There is a tool which will make things easier: the tablet’s USB cord.
  6. After you see that the products are plugged with that cord, it’s a good idea to click on Root Device (All Methods). Activating that option means that the tablet can enter the rooting phase.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]When it does, it will take some 14 minutes for the process to end. If you have to wait more, then we urge you to perform the steps once more.
  8. After everything’s in order, you can move on to the last step. Here it is: go to your tablet and look for Reboot System Now. The gadget is going to start again so that you can get the most out of the rooting goodies.

If the root access does not rise up to expectations, get it removed from the Galaxy Tab 10.1 SGH-T859. Help for this comes from the same rooting freeware you just enjoyed.

Consult the comment field below as soon as you encounter issues during the rooting.