Update Galaxy S2 I9100 to XWLSH Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Official Firmware

Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 should be updated to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean as soon as you find some free time. Why? Because there is a tool going by the name of XWLSH which works well with this device. And we will help you use it on your phone the right way via this tutorial.

If your interest has just been sparked, let us tell you a couple of the features that your device will experience after you upgrade it with this tool: new widgets (from Galaxy S3), Google Now, free 50 GB Dropbox storage, TouchWiz Nature UX and many more where these came from.


Your contribution to the update process consists of following some requirements and then some steps. We will start first with the former:

  • use a factory unlocked smartphone;
  • turn on USB debugging;
  • make a backup using this tutorial;
  • charge the battery of the handset;
  • install, on your laptop, USB Drivers for this phone.

Find a tutorial on how to root this smartphone after you’ve updated it to the new OS, because only so will you install root-only apps once more.Galaxy-S-Plus-i9100

Important instructions

The following steps apply if you want to complete this guide.

  1. Download, on your comp, two files. Their names are as follows: Odin tool 1.85 and . Extract what’s inside them, then power the smartphone off.
  2. Simultaneously press and hold Home and Volume Down; when done, press Power. The logo of Android will appear and it will be followed by a triangle; after you press Power, the handset will have reached Download Mode. Now go and open, on the laptop, Odin tool.
  3. Plug the Galaxy S2 to the latter device, then have patience till the connection happens.
  4. Step four will need you to do the following: look for a couple of files that need to be flashed on the handset. Find out how to reach them below. Here we go:
    – a file with CODE in its name (once you click on PDA, you will see it);
    – a file which comes with MODEM in its title (it will make an appearance after you click on Phone);
    – a file whose name should include CSC in it (look for it as soon as you click on CSC);
    – a file named .pit (click on PIT to see it).
    There is nothing wrong with your device if you cannot see the files from above. When that happens, pretend you didn’t read about them, then check Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time instead.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Check Repartition, too, should you have seen the .pit file and chosen it.
  6. Click on Start, which will make the phone enter the installation phase. Once the update is on the phone, you have to wait for the device to restart.
  7. When you see its home screen, you will have to take the phone’s USB cord from it so that it is no longer attached to your laptop.

To see whether your Galaxy S2 I9100 is updated to the Android 4.1.2 version, visit its “About phone” option. The XWLSH official firmware is bound to be in that location. If not, repeat this tutorial.