Update Galaxy S Plus GT-I9001 to BUKPC Android 2.3.6 Official Firmware

From the get-go we should let all of you know that this tutorial deals exclusively with the updating of Samsung’s Galaxy S Plus GT-I9001 to Android 2.3.6 via official firmware known as BUKPC.

If you aren’t first-time readers of our page, you know how we always brag about requirements in every guide we write.


This procedure is no exception to that. So do as follows: install the drivers which are appropriate for this phone on your laptop, read this tutorial only if your handset comes unlocked, create a backup, charge the device’s battery and turn USB Debugging on.

Important instructions

This leaves us free to finally give you the steps that will allow for that update to be on the smartphone.

  1. Download to the laptop. Unzip the archive, then download another file which is called ODIN tool and turn the S Plus GT-I9001 off so that step two can be performed; the actions for this are as follows: select and keep pressed the buttons labelled Home and Volume Down, press Power, wait for Android’s logo to appear and tap on Power one more time. This is the correct way to enter the phone into Download Mode.Galaxy-S-Plus-gt-I9001
  2. Next: launch ODIN, plug the smartphone to the computer when you’re in Download Mode and see whether an ID:COM box gets all yellow and a number which is the COM port comes on the display.
  3. When both of these happen, move on the the third step: opt for the following files:
    – choose a file that has CODE in its title (to do this, tap on PDA);
    – look for a file featuring MODEM as part of its name (tap on Phone for this to fully happen)
    – when you see a file bearing, among other words, CSC, opt for it via the CSC option;
    – choose .pit by clicking on PIT.
    This action is going to install the files which need to be installed on the Galaxy S Plus I9001. Don’t follow this step should you spot no file like the ones above. Check F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot while in ODIN.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step four tells you that you need to tap on Start and see if the installation of the update happens. Before you follow this step, though, you need to know that you will have to check Re-Partition if you opted for the .PIT file. Once the update is installed on your handset, the latter is going to restart.
  5. After the home screen is there on the touchscreen, you are required to disconnect the S Plus GT-I9001 from your laptop. When you choose Settings and select About phone, you will see that the BUKPC Android 2.3.6 Official Firmware is on the device.