How to Unroot Samsung Conquer 4G SPH-D600

The fact that there are such procedures as rooting, installing official firmware and unrooting a device is a very welcome reality. Because without either of them, our tablets or phones wouldn’t be able to make our time more entertaining and full of exciting new discoveries.

So as soon as a way to root Samsung’s Conquer 4G SPH-D600 was made available, we took the opportunity to make a guide about it. But then again, many owners of this smartphone might simply not like what the rooting has just offered them and they want to experience, once again, their device in its factory settings.

Should you find yourself in the group of people who wish for that, our tutorial will address your desire by providing a way to unroot this model. Because that is the only possibility you get of reverting the Sprint Conquer 4G to its default state in case you miss it a lot.


But for that to happen without worries, you should follow the requirements we have here; like charge the battery of the handset, backup the phone important data, the internet settings and use this guide only if you’re sure you rooted the device with the instructions we offered in an earlier post here at DroidGator.Samsung-Conquer-4G

Not a single one of the above pre-requisites should be left out; otherwise, the steps you are about to see below will not unroot the Conquer 4G SPH-D600, no matter how much attention you pay to them.

Speaking of which, here is how to experience the advantages of an unrooting.

Important instructions

  1. on the laptop’s desktop and unzip its files to the same place. After they’ve settled there, you will have to go to the phone’s Menu, select Settings, tap on Applications, choose Development and look for USB Debugging; upon finding it, check the box which you’ll see next to it.
  2. [sc name=”banner-jos”]For the second step follow our lead and plug the Conquer 4G to the computer; for this you shall require the help of the smartphone’s USB cable. After the two devices are attached correctly to one another, simply use the SupeOneClick tool which must be initiated via the double click method.
  3. See to it that the file opens at once, then find Unroot and tap on it.
  4. Final step, the fourth, will need nothing more from you than to just wait for the handset to unroot.

After the process is over, you will notice the return of the warranty. This means that the Samsung Conquer 4G D600 has been unrooted without a problem. If you wish, you can install a custom recovery image on it, like ClockWorkMod Recovery, for example.