How to Unroot the LG Spectrum 2 4G VS930

LG Spectrum 2 4G VS930 must be unrooted if the owner wants to regain the access to  its warranty and how well it used to work when you bought it for the first time.

Should your smartphone have been rooted with our tutorial here, then you qualify for this guide on how to unroot it.


That is one of the requirements you must see through if you wish to have everything go in a problem-free way. We are going to employ the exact same instrument we used for the rooting tutorial. Other set of pre-requisites that must be kept in mind: charge the handset’s battery, use a PC installed with Windows OS and then generate a complete backup using our dedicated tutorial.

After you read and performed accordingly the previous requirements, your focus should now be on the next instructions.LG-Spectrum-2-4G-VS930

Important instructions

  1. The tutorial begins with none other than step number 1: get, on your laptop, an archive known as . After the latter is downloaded on the laptop’s desktop, you must use a tool to extract the content that is inside it to the PC.
  2. The minute you are ready with that, you should activate, for step number two, an option that has the name of USB debugging; this opt can be activated via the Menu on the Spectrum 2 VS930, select the Settings, then choose Developer options and finally select an option labelled USB debugging.
  3. Now that this is out of the way, step number three will tell you to connect the phone to your laptop with the former’s USB cord and then activate the root tool execution using the default method; to run the latter: use the double click method on a file labelled Run.Me bat after finding it on the desktop.
  4. Step four will have to include you performing the following tasks: after the moment you have complete permission to the root tool, you must select the option labelled Unroot.
  5. Some patience will now be required, because the Spectrum 2 is ready to start the unrooting process. Wait some minutes for this to finish, then restart the smartphone when you see that see that the entire action is finished with success. After the rebooting is also over with, you should go to your device’s App Drawer and search an app which is labelled Superuser. If the file is not present in that location, you will have the confirmation that the unrooting process was successful.

With this in mind, you will see that the VS930’s warranty is now present once again. Moreover, apps limited by rooting, custom ROMs which are present on your device will be removed from the phone after you finish with this guide. That’s because they will be removed automatically from your device. Now that the LG Spectrum 2 VS930 is unrooted, you can finally rejoice!