How to Root Motorola Motosmart Me XT303

You’re looking at a Motorola Motosmart Me XT303 which desperately needs something new. That is easily done once root access is offered to it by an app. Discover our rooting method below.

Allow yourself to be impressed by your soon-to-be improved smartphone. Behind such a change in the device SRSRoot. The app we want to use for this post is free. It’s perfectly OK if you have another gadget you want rooted. This tool delivers the same novelties it offers your smartphone. Apart from displaying comptibility with many other devices, the app is also suitable for various Android versions. The Motorola Me XT303 arrives equipped with this: Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. It also sports this CPU: 800 MHz Cortex-A9. With the SRSRoot installed on the handset, its processor will move that much faster.

The benefits of this method

The rooting is greatly helped by a Build ID. This tutorial was created with this one: SILVS_W_07.17.03R_S. Luckily, the SRSRoot doesn’t stop you from selecting a different Build ID that’s right for you. The freeware in here is powered by an SRS Server; it can revoke the root access if you want it to. Battery and customization methods are offered. Next up: new features and admin permission. Superuser permission, custom ROMs and root-only apps get provided, too. These useful additions are delivered free of bloatware. The smartphone will never be threatened by security issues.Motorola-Motosmart-Me-XT303

When root access is on-board your phone, the Motorola Motosmart Me XT303 is left without its pre-installed warranty. Worrying about it isn’t necessary. The handset will welcome that back with the right kind of guide. So find one that is made for your smartphone.

If you cannot wait to upgrade this phone, prepare for major issues. They will affect the device as soon as the procedure is over. First to be damaged: the phone’s important system partition. Damage is done to the root access; which shall be taken away. Worry not about the important data your handset holds; the update can’t touch it. The internal but also external SD cards are also safe from the upgrade.


The smartphone and notebook you own must now deal with pre-requisites. They play a big role in the rooting. Without further ado, perform these actions:

  • find, over at this address, USB drivers which support your handset;
  • download them on your notebook afterwards;
  • install them there, too;
  • now have the notebook’s security programs deactivated;
  • turn on USB Debugging on your Motosmart Me XT303;
  • protect, through backups, the smartphone’s very important data;
  • the creation of a full NANDroid backup is another important task to be done;
  • Windows is the only OS version that can be running on your notebook;
  • the battery featured on the phone should be fully charged;
  • the security programsused by your smartphone must be turned off.

Step by step instructions

The rest of this guide will show you how to smoothly root the phone. It isn’t difficult; we’ll help with everything.

  1. The notebook needs to contain the useful SRSRoot app. But how to get a hold of it? Easy: go here first. Second: click on a download button. After this is completed, your next action sounds as such: wait till the app is on your notebook.
  2. Then, when the freeware is there, install it. As soon as the app is launched on the same product, you have to activate a bunch of options.
  3. Menu is the name of the first one; Settings is the second option to tap. When done, search for Unknown Sources. This one is very easy to find; if you’re having trouble locating it: look for it under Settings.
  4. USB Debugging is what another option’s called. By tapping this, you can move on to the most important step. If you activated the option for the list of requirements, skip this part.
  5. And go straight to that essential step we mentioned: connect the handset and notebook. This is to be done only with the smartphone’s USB cable.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]When the devices have achieved that plugging phase, you have Root Device (All Methods) to tap. By enabling this important option, your phone is going to enter the rooting stage. See to it that it’s successful by waiting around 15 minutes.
  7. The period of time we recommended may be extended. If you see the rooting taking more than the suggested 15 minutes, repeat our steps. When the problem is solved, start your Motorola XT303 again. Reboot System Now must be activated now.

By performing this step, you’ll soon have access to root access. If this doesn’t leave an impression, the SRSRoot will unleash its rooting prowess. The root access will then be revoked.

A comment field is below our tutorial. Don’t be afraid to use it in times of need!