How to Root Galaxy Style Duos SCH-I829

Galaxy Style Duos SCH-I829 is our most recent pick for today’s rooting. If you are new at this type of process, we will guide you through everything. Let’s start now!

The method of choice for this rooting is SRSRoot. It’s one of the best rooting tools available today. After this particular app shows up on your smartphone, nothing will stop you from holding a much improved device.

The smartphone is only 1 year old. Even so, you’ll see many new stuff ready to infiltrate on it. Like a faster CPU; which, in the case of this handset, is a 1200 MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8625. Android 4.1.2 is what the device’s OS sounds like. With the new app on-board you have the guarantee that this version won’t be deleted. The SRSRoot works with every Android version launched until now; it also can be used for free on every gadget released this far.

The advantages of this procedure

You should think of a Build ID to use. Ours can be an option if you want: JZO54K.I829KEAMC3. If you already have another variant in mind, don’t be afraid to use it; the freeware accepts many different Build IDs. The app used for your phone’s rooting is powered by an SRS Server. More than rooting the Samsung Galaxy Style Duos SCH-I829, the SRSRoot can unroot it, too. What’s to be expected from this special app: root-only apps and new features. Ending up with root access will result in battery options. Customization tweaks will be sure to follow next.Galaxy-Style-Duos-SCH-I829

Superuser / admin permission and custom ROMs are also novelties. Enjoying them and the ones above is done without the threat of bloatware; and without experiencing the usual set of viruses.

If you want to get root access, the phone will give up on its default warranty. Restoring it is a matter of a simple guide (that must, however, be suited for your handset). In case you’re seeking for a way to upgrade the phone, know what you’re getting up against. For instance, the device is bound to end up with a deleted system partition. Root access is also to be damaged by getting revoked. The data of utmost importance will be preserved; so will these: the internal and external SD cards.


The requirements you’ll find below are necessary for a rooting. Let’s see what they tell you to do:

  • open this page to download USB drivers on your laptop from it;
  • then be sure to flash them;
  • the smartphone’s battery needs a refill should its levels indicate that it’s running low;
  • perform some regular backups for your handset’s crucial content;
  • next up, make sure a full NANDroid backup is also performed;
  • go to the handset’s security programs;
  • turn them all off;
  • find your laptop’s security programs;
  • deactivate them as well;
  • locate, on the Galaxy Style Duos SCH-I829, USB Debugging;
  • turn it on by tapping it;
  • the laptop must contain a Windows OS version.

Step by step instructions

Rooting the phone should be done with the help of very important instructions. These steps are part of our guide, which is why they’re coming up next!

  1. This is what the first steps indicates: download, on the laptop, the rooting app. The SRSRoot freeware is at this online address. Open the link; a download button will pop up.
  2. Once it does, you should do this: click on it. When done, the app will appear on your laptop; after it’s there, it needs to be flashed.
  3. The installation once done, open the SRSRoot. To move on, do as follows: grab the Samsung SCH-I829 and tap Settings on it. If you quickly scroll under it, this option will show up: Unknown Sources. We’re mentioning it because it’s your job to tap it.
  4. USB Debugging has to be activated next. If you didn’t forget to enable it for the pre-requisites, you can skip this part. Instead, do the following: establish, with the handset’s USB cord, a connection between it and your laptop.
  5. You will not wait long for the plugging to happen. After time’s up, move on. The following step is what needs to be done: root the phone.
  6. Entering your Galaxy Style Duos SCH-I829 in this mode isn’t a difficult job. Simply tap Root Device (All Methods).
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]After doing that, wait at least 10 minutes; if the rooting isn’t completed in 15 minutes tops, you should repeat the previous steps. Restart the phone by finding Reboot System Now and tapping it.

With that, you’re all done. The SCH-I829 has root access and you are free to check that out for yourself.

If you decide to revoke the root access, the same tool will provide help to do as you please. The comment field that sits under the guide will provide solutions if you ever have issues with the procedure.