Root Galaxy S4 SCH-I545 on Jelly Bean 4.2.2 VRUAME7 Official Firmware

Galaxy S4 SCH-I545 that is offered by Verizon can be rooted with this tutorial only if it’s the model which sports Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean VRUAME7 official firmware. In case it’s not, then update it to the said firmware and come back to our tutorial after you are done.

Inside this guide of ours you will discover Root Exploit, which is a root package that is made by a member of XDA Developers forum. In other words: your phone will, once it’s fully rooted, get all the goodies to make it perform admirably. The tool in question has a substantial advantage over others: it does not need a smartphone with an already installed factory image. And you do not need to wipe your smartphone.

But following our tutorial will leave your I545 without its trademark warranty. As always, though, you should unroot the phone to have that back. However, be prepared to lose some things in return; like all the custom ROMs, root-only apps and so which you can flash after the rooting is done.


The guide is now set on telling you what pre-requisites to follow:

  • use only the phone you have on you right now;
  • turn on USB Debugging (from Settings and Developer options);
  • download and flash USB drivers made for your particular handset model on your laptop, via this link;
  • charge the battery of the smartphone;
  • flash on the handset;
  • create backups, using the same guide;
  • download (file name: on the notebook.Galaxy-S4-SCH-I545

How to root your Galaxy S4

  1. The tutorial that will root your phone is on its way. Prepare by following this action: unzip the content of the Root Exploit Archive on your notebook.
  2. After that take your Galaxy S4 I545 and a microSD card that’s formatted as exFAT instead of FAT32; insert the latter in the handset and then plug your phone to your notebook (with the phone’s own USB cord). Some words of advice now:
    – if the microSD card packs less than 64 GB, use your notebook to have it formatted as exFAT in a manual way;
    – in case the microSD already packs a total of 64 GB, then all’s well and you can let the handset format it as exFAT from “Storage”.
  3. After you plug your Galaxy S4 SCH-I545 to the personal computer you own, you can do the following:
    – copy the content of the Root Exploit Package from the place it’s at;
    – paste it to the phone’s SD card root;
    – launch Android Terminal Emulator app on the handset.
  4. Once the app is open, you should enter some commands as shown below:
    cd /mnt/extSdCard

    Once the command number 2 from above has been run, you will spot “$” becoming “#”. This translates into the following: your phone has acquired root access. Command number 3 has the role of turning the root access into something permanent.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]After you are done with those commands, you need to do this: close Android Terminal Emulator.
  6. Then go to Google Play store; once there, see whether or not an app called SuperSU has received an update. Then launch that app (in case there are updates, the binary should be allowed to update on its own).
  7. After the above is done, you need to restart your smartphone. Then confirm the root access and that’s all. Your smartphone, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 I545 from Verizon and powered by the new Jelly Bean 4.2.2 VRUAME7 firmware  is a rooted device at long last!