Root Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 on Jelly Bean 4.2.2 XXUBMG5 Official Firmware

The following guide applies to your Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 only if it contains Android 4.2.2 XXUBMG5 Jelly Bean official firmware and Snapdragon as its processor. If you have such a model, then you are the perfect candidate for our post.

The latter aims to teach you how to root your smartphone by looking at some easy to perform steps that are described in full detail after we share what pre-requisites are needed beforehand.

As for tool, we employ the one known as CF-Auto-Root, which is something we have used for past tutorials throughout the years. It’s a great instrument, so don’t worry about possible issues.

If something of the kind does arise, then you need to just repeat the guide and your device will work like a charm just as it did before you rooted it. And, even if the warranty of your Galaxy S4 GT-I9595 will no longer function, you can make it reappear if you unroot the smartphone with a dedicated tutorial.


The first thing any user of this phone should do before rooting it is summed up below:

  • flash USB Drivers for the I9505 via this link;
  • use the handset model that is both carrier and factory unlocked;
  • charge the device’s battery;
  • download the (the file is labelled and Odin tool v3.07 on your PC, from this location;
  • create a bunch of backups using these instructions;
  • turn on the option that is labelled thus: USB Debugging.

With that we conclude the part with the pre-requisites. On to the steps which are compulsory for the update’s success.Samsung-Galaxy-S4-GT-I9505


  1. Should the two update files already be on the laptop as mentioned earlier, then what needs to be done now is this: unzip them both on your notebook.
  2. Once this process is over, you can power the smartphone off and help it reach Download Mode by simultaneously pressing and holding these three keys: Volume Down, Home and Power; when your eyes rest upon Android’s usual logo and a message that has “!” in it, then you have to press this: Volume Up.
  3. Once you phone has landed in the Download Mode, our instructions will sound like this: open Odin as Admin on the laptop and plug the phone to the latter with the USB cord of your Galaxy S4 I9505.
  4. In case you did everything as we just told you to, then you will see one of the following: an ID:COM box in yellow and “Added!!”; if not, then we say this: install, once more, the USB Drivers or change the USB port you have been using so far.
  5. Next moves to be performed by you: click on PDA, opt for the Auto-Root .tar.md5 file and select F. Reset Time, Auto Reboot, then leave Repartition unchecked.
  6. Now begin the flashing of the CF-Auto-Root file by tapping START. Wait, then the Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 shall restart. After that it is going to show you PASS alongside a background in green, cue for this: unplug the devices from each other, because the smartphone is now rooted.

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Which was exactly the purpose of this guide. Root Checker is the app (located in Google Marketplace) that is going to let you know if your device is truly rooted. What you can start doing after you’ve just been reassured of that fact is shown below:

  • find apps that can work only on a rooted device;
  • download them on your Samsung I9505 afterwards;
  • also locate and download custom ROMs;
  • experience a much-better performing handset.