How to Root Galaxy Note 2 Duos GT-N7102

You should grab this chance and root your Galaxy Note 2 Duos GT-N7102. The reason being how easy it is and how much your device has to gain from this procedure. Take a look below and you’ll learn how to do it on your own!

By providing root access for your phone, you’ll gain access to some very useful stuff. All thanks to this tool: SRSRoot. When it was first created, this software was meant to root any sort of device in a very easy manner. And it still does that. This software is powered by an SRS Server. Also, this is an app which works with all kinds of versions of Android. Including the 4.1.1 Jelly Bean one currently on your device.

The benefits of rooting

Released back in December 2012, your handset has an Exynos 4 Quad 4412 ARM Cortex-A9. The reason we’re telling you this is that your phone’s CPU will put on a great performance once root access is gained. There are also many other ways to improve your device with the SRSRoot method.

One of them: tweaks to help the battery last more. Root-only apps will end up on your smartphone, as will new features and custom ROMs. Customization will come easily thanks to the new tool’s options. Having this app on your phone means that there will be admin and superuser permission.Note-2-Duos-GT-N7102

A rooted Samsung GT-N7102 can be unrooted via several methods. One of them is the SRSRoot tool. As far as Build IDs go, you can opt for whatever example you want to use. Personally, we went with this ID: JRO03C.N7102ZCALL1. If you own a different phone brand, you can root it with this special app without running into problems.

If your handset contains root access and you want to see it receive an upgrade, you’ll have to let stuff go. Like its root access, which shall be revoked, and its system partition. This partition will be erased from your smartphone. The device will preserve, among others, these: important data and internal / external SD cards. Once the SRSRoot is one with your phone, the warranty shall be revoked as well.


Your Galaxy Note 2 Duos GT-N7102 model has to receive a bunch of pre-requisites now:

  • this rooting should begin only if you’ve created backups for your handset’s data;
  • a full NANDroid backup is also required;
  • turn on USB Debugging on the phone;
  • if battery levels are low on your Samsung N7102, it’s a good idea to charge the handset;
  • USB drivers for your smartphone should be downloaded on the notebook from this website;
  • disable the handset’s security programs;
  • disable your laptop’s security software, too;
  • work with a laptop that is already running Windows.

Step by step instructions

  1. You have to perform the following step to begin the rooting: open this page. Only this website should be accessed. By going to it, you’ll have access to the SRSRoot software.
  2. Tap a download button you’ll soon see appear and the app will be downloaded on your laptop. This software must be opened on the previous device after you install it.
  3. Be sure to go to Menu, tap Settings and look under this option to see the one that must be turned on. The name of this option is Unknown Sources.
  4. Your phone has to have its USB Debugging activated. If it hasn’t been turned on for our pre-requisites, feel free to do it once you reach this step. Now enable a plugging between the handset and your laptop with the phone’s USB cable.
  5. When such a connection’s been generated, you have to give the rooting a push. In order to start it, our recommendation is this: click on Root Device (All Methods).
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]When the procedure begins at last, you’ll be required to wait till it’s over. Which will happen in no more than 10 minutes. Once this period of waiting is done, you will be asked to do the following: reboot your phone.

If your Galaxy Note 2 Duos GT-N7102 has achieved a rooted status by now, prepare for the advantages you’ve been waiting for!

But, if you find that the rooting is something you don’t like, the SRSRoot can function as an unrooting solution.

If you’re experiencing problems with the rooting, consider using the comment section below.