How to Root Galaxy Mini SGH-T499 (Dart)

Samsung launched their Galaxy Mini SGH-T499 (Dart) 3 years ago. This smartphone is one of the many models which can be rooted via SRSRoot tool. With this guide, you’ll know how to do that on your own!

The Galaxy Mini SGH-T499 features some strong specs and features. Among them are its 600 MHz CPU and its Android 2.3.7 operating system. Using a GWK74 Build ID for this rooting, our tutorial will help your handset move faster. That and many other things! The guide is also compatible with the devices powered by Android 2.2.2 Froyo UVKE4 and WXKK4 official firmwares.

But for now, we’ll tell you what to expect from a newly rooted phone. As soon as the SRSRoot tool reaches your handset, the Galaxy Mini T499 can last more thanks to battery tweaks. This phone model will also experience root-only apps and new features. The rooting allows you to customize the smartphone however you see fit. There’s zero bloatware and no security threats to speak of. Custom ROMs are very easy to download on your phone. There’s also superuser and admin permissions to be offered by the procedure.

The improvements

A rooting also comes with drawbacks. One of them: the warranty that comes with this phone will disappear. If the SRSRoot tool isn’t flashed on the Samsung SGH-T499 (Dart), the device you’re using instead of this model will be bricked. When you wish to update your handset to some firmware that just came out, you’ll see that a rooted phone will lose its system partition and root access. But these are the only disadvantage you’ll run across when rooting your smartphone!Galaxy-Mini-SGH-T499

This software is powered by SRS Server. If this doesn’t tell you much, you should know that an SRS Server enables a gadget user to root his or her device without flashing it. The Build ID we referred to above isn’t the only one to be used here; others also work for the rooting.

The SRSRoot tool isn’t limited to a certain Android versions; this software is equally compatible with various other variants. And you can own a gadget made by a different brand than Samsung and still get the best results. You won’t be asked to give up the Android OS version your device is currently using; this tool can be used even with that one running on the phone. A great other advantage of using this method: it can also unroot your smartphone!


For the time being, your first task has to do with these pre-requisites:

  • here are the USB drivers which are compatible with the phone;
  • they must be installed on the laptop;
  • you should always generate regular backups for the important data stored on your Samsung SGH-T499;
  • a full NANDroid backup has to be generated, too;
  • your handset’s battery needs to be charged;
  • the notebook’s security methods have to be turned off;
  • the phone’s security programs alike should be turned off now;
  • USB Debugging is an option that must be activated on the handset;
  • your notebook should be using Windows.

Step by step instructions

If the instructions above have now prepared the smartphone for a rooting, begin with the first step.

  1. Which requires you to do this: tap the button on this page. This is how you’ll download the SRSRoot software on the notebook. This tool is free of charge.
  2. The software that was just downloaded on your device must be launched on it next. Once it’s flashed, open it. Unknown Sources must now be activated; this is an option you’ll find by tapping Menu and then Settings.
  3. USB Debugging must be turned on in case you haven’t done this for the part where we talked about requirements. In case this option is enabled already, be sure to create a connection between the Galaxy Mini SGH-T499.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The connection between your two products needs the assistance of your handset’s USB cord. If a couple of minutes have passed after you’ve used this cable, you should be left with two devices that are plugged to one another. If this failed, consider repeating the guide.
  5. After you see that the smartphone and your laptop are finally connected, tap Click on Root Device (All Methods). The rooting will begin shortly! The procedure is going to need 15 minutes.

When the procedure is all done, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy all of your phone’s new goodies!

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