How to Root Galaxy Exhibit 4G SGH-T759

Galaxy Exhibit 4G SGH-T759 has a multitude of novelties to profit from. The only way to do that is to accommodate a new app. It’s the best one there is if you’re after root access! Install it and then use this tool once you’re done with the upcoming tutorial.

Today’s guide relies heavily on SRSRoot. That’s because this app is unlike any other. Its rooting powers allow you to end up with a fully improved phone. There are many new things to look forward to from this app. And they will all end up on it for free.

This app lets you use various Build IDs. Our pic was GINGERBREAD.UVKE8. Your smartphone’s also known under these 2 names: Also known as Samsung T759 and Samsung Hawk. The processor under its hood is this: 1 GHz Cortex-A8. If you go with the SRSRoot freeware, the CPU will perform loads better.Galaxy-Exhibit-4G-T759

The advantages of this method

The latest app to hit your handset is powered by an SRS Server. Besides possessing unrooting capabilities, this freeware works with many different gadgets. The OS on your smartphone is this version: Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread. The same variant will welcome you after the rooting’s ended; the SRSRoot doesn’t erase the OS versions it meets. New features, battery tweaks and superuser permission will be featured once the rooting is achieved.

Root-only apps, admin permission and customization options are also delivered. Security problems won’t be an issue; neither will bloatware. The rooting also means custom ROMs.

When you have a rooted Galaxy Exhibit 4G T759, you will lose something that comes by default. That’s the phone’s warranty. This item doesn’t have to stay away from the handset forever. You can always restore it; do so by looking for a guide that’s fit for your device. After you find it, follow it and the warranty will come back.

A smartphone that contains root access may require an upgrade. If you agree with this, you’ll be able to find an appropriate tutorial on how to update the phone. Before performing this, though, be ready for some drawbacks. They have to do with the system partition; the latter will be erased. But the drawbacks will also deal with the device’s root access. An upgrade will revoke that important element. The procedure won’t damage the internal or external SD card. Neither will it affect the smartphone’s important content.


Your time should now be dedicated to these pre-requisites:

  • the only OS version that should be installed on your laptop is Windows;
  • install them on the latter afterwards;
  • the Galaxy Exhibit 4G SGH-T759 has to run a fully charged battery for this rooting;
  • backups must be created so that no important data is lost during the procedure;
  • perform, next, a full NANDroid backup;
  • you’ll have to download USB drivers for the phone from this link on your laptop;
  • turn off the security programs protecting the phone from security trouble;
  • deactivate the laptop’s security options, too.

Step by step instructions

The part that comes shortly after these preparations includes the rooting steps. Don’t miss out on them or you won’t experience root access!

  1. This is the first step: prepare your laptop for the SRSRoot app. Which means that the latter has to be downloaded on it, then installed and launched there. Download the app from here; to get the best result, click on a download button.
  2. To perform the second step, you’ll have to activate an option; it’s named as such: Unknown Sources.
  3. You’ll find it quickly; just do this: enable Menu and then Settings, after which you should find the specified option under the last one we mentioned here. When Unknown Sources is turned on, activate USB Debugging. Only do this if you didn’t manage to activate it before.
  4. A plugging should exist between the phone and laptop. What better tool to use here than the handset’s USB cord.
  5. Now that you’ve connected the devices to one another, you’d better do this: take your phone and enter it in a rooting phase. This has to go on as such: look for Root Device (All Methods). Upon finding this option, you need to tap it.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Such a phase takes no more than 15 minutes. There’s a way to solve the problem in case the rooting requires more than that amount of time. Simply repeat the steps you’ve just performed.
  7. Your smartphone will have to go through one last task. Here it is: tap Reboot System Now.

With this last action, you’ll have a rooted Galaxy Exhibit 4G SGH-T759. Which means that you should start benefitting from what this means! The rooting may leave you disappointed. If so, unroot the phone with the SRSRoot.

You can always describe your problems with the rooting in the comment box below.