How to Overclock the Processing Speed for Galaxy Y GT-S5360

A good way to improve the processing speed of your Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 is to have the phone overclocked. This is something which is going to make sure your handset delivers the best speed when it comes to its processor’s performance.


Overclocking your phone implies the same requirements we nag you about in our tutorials. As was the case with all of the tablets and smartphones we’ve updated or rooted so far, the Galaxy Y S5360 is going to have a successful overclocking process only if you first concentrate on these pre-requisites:

  • root the device properly;
  • be sure to take the phone’s data and then back it up accordingly;
  • see if there is need for a battery refill;
  • go to Settings, opt for Applications, head over to Development and then click on USB Debugging so that it’s turned on for this guide to function well.

Having paid full attention to the list of requirements we just filled you in, you should head over to the steps that are needed for the overclocking of your Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360. Just like the pre-requisites before them, they are something very crucial to this guide, which is why we urge you to follow each and every one of them.Samsung-Galaxy-Y-GT-S5360


The beginning of the overclocking of your smartphone is made of the following instructions:

  1. Go to Google Play Store where you will find . Download it on the handset and launch it.
  2. Opt for Recovery. Once the device is in the Recovery mode, you will be directed to a recovery screen and you will need to create a backup that needs to contain the phone’s file system.
  3. After that it is advisable to do the following: save the backup on the smartphone and then download .
  4. Your next move should consist of these actions: plug the Galaxy Y GT-S5360 to your PC; then send the kernel we just informed you about to the SD card root of the smartphone. Now you will be asked to occupy yourself with this task: unplug the devices from one another’s grip.
  5. Launch, afterwards, the Quick Boot application, opt for Recovery and after that do as follows: opt for Install zip from SD card. This way you will soon see the Android Kernel’s file installed on the S5360.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Wait for the flashing to be over and then reboot your smartphone in Normal Mode. What you should be doing next: , and along with them something called . These are all some great apps for the whole well-being of the overclocking process. You should launch each of them after they are on the device (while here, we recommend the following: don’t opt for Rebooting until you see your phone perfectly stable with the new improved speed you choose).

Now that your Galaxy Y GT-S5360 has been introduced to this overclocking procedure, you should experience your S5360 on an entirely new level of awesomeness, especially where processing speed is concerned.

To make it possible for a return to the official (or stock) firmware of the phone’s OS, you should follow a guide dedicated to that. If you want your phone to get out of a boot loop, you need to switch the device on after turning it off and after that repeat the tutorial until the situation is fully changed.