NVIDIA presents DirectStylus for Tegra 4 tablets

NVIDIA have just paraded DirectStylus support for their Tegra 4 during Computex.

Recently, palm pilot has garnered a lot of new interest from people who enjoy working with a stylus. Samsung’s Galaxy Note in particular is the gadget to heavily feature such a helpful technology. Creators of NVIDIA have gathered at Computex to present a fresh core-deep DirectStylus support which is featured on the Tegra 4. This new sensitive stylus capability is going to be integrated on future tablets that will feature a quad-core Tegra processor among many other exciting specs.

The CEO of NVIDIA has unveiled the fact that the DirectStylus is a solution that can imitate pen and paper when you use a tablet’s standard capacitive display with touch possibilities. The software that is used for this purpose is called Direct Touch version 2.0. The time it takes to scan touch input is a reported 300 times a second. The GPU power of the Tegra 4 will then be put to work so that the results offered by the scanning process can be interpreted. According to people at NVIDIA, this translates into better accuracy when it comes to strokes made with the digital pen.

The CEO of NVIDIA, Jen-Hsun Huang, tested the solution on a standard device running Tegra 4. The main audience that will get to use the DirectStylus will be, for starters, Asia.nvidia-direct-stylus

NVIDIA have updated their official blog with the options you can experience with the DirectStylus solution once it comes out on tablets. The thing that will get everyone interested is this: the tablets that will feature a pressure sensitive convertor to use with the Tegra 4 are going to have the sort of price that everyone can afford. At the same time, the features will be many more and varied.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note line is known for offering both stylus and digitizer manufactured by Wacom. So the fact that NVIDIA are investing time and effort into bringing a technology that rivals what the Note series delivers will mean that more and more tablets will sport something similar. Especially since these solutions have turned out to be very popular with tablet lovers who enjoy the experience that a traditional pen and paper can offer and who want something like that on their gadgets.

The DirectStylus will, according to reports from NVIDIA, land on many new tablets with Tegra 4. The latter is going to be implemented by manufacturers according to their own plans. Many are waiting to see whether Toshiba or HP tablets will offer the technology.