Nokia Lumia 510 specs and images leaked

Images and specs of the new Nokia Lumia have been leaked for everyone to see.

Bad news for Nokia: their Lumia smartphone can finally be admired in all its splendor and specifications because of an Internet leak. But the fans of this Finnish company couldn’t be happier about this turn of events. Which turn of events happened when GSMArena announced the fact that they had seen the leak not too long ago.

According to it, the Nokia Lumia 510 comes with the following: a 4″ touchscreen, 256MB of RAM, 4GB of internal memory and that’s about it that’s known from the leak. The price of this smartphone is rumored to be $150, but it can change. However, the main idea is that it’s a cheap handset. The OS that the Lumia 510 may sport could be the Windows Phone 7.5 version. But until it’s official, we can only hope for a good operating system.

But then again, this smartphone should boast a Windows Phone 8 OS. Even if it is another version that hasn’t been used at a greater extent before. Many are wondering what’s the reasoning behind throwing older versions on new Nokia smartphones. Back in the day, Bill Gates’ company came forth with both Windows Phone 7.8 and Phone 8. The former Mango along with the Phone 7.5 OS would receive an update to the 7.8 version on all the Nokia smartphones. Which will mean many improvements for the user experience. Among them would be fresh features.


Image Credit: GSM Arena

The reason behind not installing handsets with the Windows Phone 8 may have to do with its creator’s fear of people coming and porting it to ancient smartphones; or maybe it has to do with the types of processors floating around inside gadgets. Either way, things turned out that consumers didn’t mind seeing a Windows Phone 7.8 on their devices. And the fact that a smartphone running this version will not be too different from one that uses the Phone 8 version.

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The Windows Phone 8 operating system received plenty of investment. The purpose of that was to reduce the kind of resources employed in the creation of new hardware which cannot be easy to exploit. And besides, there is better hardware out there to invest in.

The Nokia Lumia 510 does not an official release date yet, of course. If you go to Nokia’s official site, you will see that this smartphone is going to become available next year. We also don’t know its exact price tag. The first country to see it next year could be China.

  • Emily Page

    I hope the guys from Nokia will decide to introduce Android OS on their phones. I cannot understand the reason because they insist to use Symbian OS and Windows 7 phone edition.

    If they will decide to launch Android phones, I am very sure that they cam beat Samsung.