Akai Android-powered Smart Box is available for Rs 6590 in India

Indian consumers can now buy the Akai Smart Box for Rs 6590.

Akai is a consumer electronics based in Japan. Their newest creation is called Smart Box and it is powered by an Android operating system.

What exactly does this Smart Box do, you ask? Pranay Dhabhai, Managing Director at Akai, said that the Smart Box was created so that TV watching gets on a new meaning for Indian consumers. In other words, it gives you the possibility to easily look stuff up on the Internet while you are using your TV. Compatibility is possible with LEDs, LCDs and TV sets, alike. Which can, moreover, turn into smart TVs at any point, allowing you to experience quality content.

This digital media device makes it easy and comfortable to play games, watch various clips and so on with the help of broadband or Wi-Fi connection.

The number of USB ports on this product is 4. There are also a 3G dongle and hard drives. The kind of CPU that offers power to it is a 1.25-Ghz. Another good spec is the Android OS. Internal memory is made of 4GB and there is a wireless mouse on board. The memory can reach a total of 32GB. The Akai Smart Box has a very nice advantage: no matter if you own a laptop, a computer and so on, the Smart Box easily turns into a router.Akai-Smart-Box

Amkette is another Indian brand which created a product that’s alike the Smart Box. It’s called EvoTV and costs Rs. 9,995. And there are many other companies that did the same.

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The Smart Box provides 20% of the total Rs. 250 revenue that Akai’s Managing Director hopes to see for 2012. The company’s revenues were Rs. 175 in 2011. According to Dhabhai, the Smart Box should bring in a lot of consumers.

Where can you buy the Akai Smart Box from? There are multiple options: distribution channels, the manufacturer’s Internet page, e-commerce stores and format stores.

Akai is going to face plenty of competition, especially from Google. The latter want to come with a Google TV set-top box. Which will also use an Android operating system. As for Akai, they are of the opinion that the Smart Box will sell a lot in the upcoming months. Representatives announced that the target is to make 15% of revenues from this device and 75% from TV sets and such in the near future. Because, as of now, 20% come from consumer electronics and the rest from television sets.