Motorola confirms Webtop project is stopped

If you had high hopes on seeing Motorola’s Webtop project this year, sad news: it will not happen anymore.

What seemed like something certain turned into dust in the wind eventually. The Motorola Mobility Webtop concept has been stopped. This was announced by the company themselves. Which is not good news. Because according to this software, smartphones made by Motorola could become like a TV entertainment hub with the help of a laptop accessory.

According to, the Webtop concept saw its downfall a very short while back. Google were the ones who asked for this in the first place. Because the company saw just how much sales were affected by this software. The reason for that was the fact that the concept had been poorly created. Motorola also said reported that Webtop would never be better than the Android OS.

The Motorola smartphones that were supposed to feature the Webtop are the following: Droid Razr Maxx HD, Photon Q, Droid Razr HD and Droid Razr M.motorola-webtop

In the beginning, the Webtop sounded like something which would bring a lot of users and money. But not anymore. People who participated in its unveiling process praised it as something out of this world at first. Motorola even wanted to partner up with AT&T and use it on various smartphones. The carrier agreed to this plan and everything seemed to go more than well. This would have helped people who are often traveling use a great alternative to a laptop.

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After the two struck a deal and released a phone featuring this software, the price it had wowed many potential consumers: $500. It made many choose other options instead. Some of the devices released back then choose the Webtop over other concepts. But only for a short while, since not many users were happy with it and its price.

Since then, Motorola took on themselves to make everything worth the money paid. And they started with the improvement of the user experience and the speed of the software. The latter in particular was important to be done, because it was not a fast one by all means.

What is left for Motorola these days is to throw away those programs and gadgets that are unproductive and focus instead on better quality ones. And that means smartphones that are pre-installed with upgrades that happen faster, the use of the LTE technology and a superior battery.