Lenovo S920 Specs Leaked: 720p Resolution and 5.3-inch Display

Info about a new smartphone has just been leaked. This device is manufactured by Lenovo and seems to be called S920.

Since Lenovo ranked 2 as computer manufacturer, people over at the company wished to branch out in another type of market: the smartphone one. So they started work on a handset which might be called S920. This smartohone hasn’t yet received an exact release date (except that it should become available in a matter of a few months). But, from what rumors say, it won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Naturally, a couple of pics and specs of this rumored phone have already been leaked. From what can be seen in them, the Lenovo S920 looks very much like HTC’s Butterfly model. So you can be almost sure of one thing: this smartphone will definitely be a looker. As for specs, the device will seemingly sport a 5.3-inch touchscreen, 1 GB of RAM, a quad-core Mediatek MT6589 processor, a resolution of probably720p, a 2,250 mAh battery and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean as its operating system. All of this sounds relatively OK (if rumors are to be believed). Lenovo-S920

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However, the processor and the amount of pixels packed by the display of this model won’t leave the majority of consumers in much awe. But if you don’t want a very pretentious smartphone, then this one will do. Also, the type of battery that Lenovo chose for this model will more than likely stop some users from buying the device. Because, as we all know, a great deal of people nowadays prefer smartphones that come with great battery units. So unless the manufacturer offers another kind of battery, CPU and screen resolution, the S920 won’t be bought in large numbers anytime soon.

That was all for the specifications and the design of the leaked mid-range Lenovo S920. All that is left now is to see how much this phone will cost and when precisely will we see it land in shops. The device will most likely not see a worldwide launch in the first stage. However, consumers in China will be able to buy it when it’s officially launched.