How to Flash KitKat 4.4.2 XXU1ANE3 on Galaxy S5 SM-G900F

You have Android 4.4.2 XXU1ANE3 to install on your Galaxy S5 SM-G900F today. This official firmware came out recently for the Baltic region. Your smartphone will get to enjoy the update soon after you’ve completed our tutorial!

For those of our readers whose phone of choice is the one we mentioned, we have a tool to upgrade it to the most recent Android version. The KitKat 4.4.2 XXU1ANE3 firmware is brand new. As such, if your handset is already sporting this OS variant, you get the chance of using many novelties.

The benefits of this update

The novelties you will have access to once the update is done range from new apps to battery tweaks. The phone will certainly deliver a better performance throughout and you will get new features. There is also the possibility to end up with a highly customized device. An enabled KIES logo makes sure that you can always upgrade the smartphone with Samsung’s popular KIES software. The thing about this method is that you need to use a phone with stock ROM.

The new KitKat file cannot be flashed on a different smartphone. If you do install it on another version, that device is going to suffer some major damage.

Before you can go and have the new firmware installed on your handset, you should know something. If root access is on the Samsung SM-G900F, the update will take that away from the device. The important data won’t be erased. The system partition, however, will be deleted. The phone’s internal and external SD cards will escape damage, as well.Galaxy-S5-SM-G900F


Follow this info up with some pre-requisites:

  • provide some backups for the Galaxy S5 SM-G900F;
  • a full NANDroid backup is also required, so make sure you generate one;
  • the OS which your laptop uses must be the Windows version;
  • turn on USB Debugging on your handset;
  • disable the security programs sported by both your notebook and the phone;
  • fully charge the smartphone’s battery unit;
  • launch this site and download, from there, USB drivers which are appropriate for your smartphone on the laptop;

Step by step instructions

  1. One of the firsts tasks we need you to perform is the following: official firmware and Odin v3.09 from this page on the notebook. When both of these are on your device, get ready to unzip them.
  2. Your unzipping tool of choice should be one of these: 7Zip or WinZip. At some point after the extraction is done, a certain file will have to be opened on the notebook. This is that file: Odin v3.09.exe.
  3. For our next step we ask that you enter the handset in Download Mode. This is a phase which requires a certain method. Here you go: press and hold Home, Power and Volume Down simultaneously.
  4. If these buttons have been pressed and held as indicated, a boot message should be shown. When it is, stop what you were doing. Now simply press this button to end up in the mode we mentioned: Volume Up.
  5. The notebook and phone you use must be connected to one another. This is the tool which helps the plugging: the handset’s USB cord. When Odin starts to look for your SM-G900F, you should wait till it locates it.
  6. You don’t have to wait long for this. A couple of minutes will be enough. At the end of this search, Odin will display a sign in blue letting you know that the devices are connected.
  7. The firmware file has to be added to AP / PDA. Once the previous action is completed, you will have to take a look at the display and wait for some boxes to pop up there.
  8. Here are their names: Auto Reboot and then F. Reset Time. Uncheck Re-partition and tap this next: “Start“. Your phone will now receive the new firmware.
  9. When you see a green-colored “Pass” message on the screen after 10-15 minutes, you should expect the following: your phone will reboot.
  10. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Have the notebook and your phone disconnected. To unplug the two, all you need to do is this: remove that USB cord.
  11. Settings can now be tapped on your handset. Also tap this: About Phone. You’ll quickly have access to the newest firmware you just installed on your Galaxy S5 SM-G900F!

Take the tool for a short ride. If the new addition doesn’t change things that much, there’s always a way to bring back the old ROM. And it’s through the NANDroid backup file. To be able to restore that item, the file will revoke the upgrade.

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