Kindle Fire HD 7″ And 8.9″ are available for Pre-Order and Will Ship June 13th

Amazon announced in a press release earlier today that their Kindle Fire HD 7″ and 8.9″ can be pre-ordered starting right now. The shipping date for both these gadgets is the 13th of June.

The number of countries which will be able to get these tablets won’t be limited to only the U.S. According to the company, the devices will find their way in over 170 countries. Out of the tablets, the one with an 8.9-inch touchscreen is not as easy as the 7-inch one to get, since the latter has already been available in the following countries sincelast year: Germany, The UK, France, Japan, Spain and Italy.

According to the official statement coming from Amazon, both the Kindle Fire 7″ and the 8.9″ will have prices that vary depending on region. The 8.9″ version has a price tag of $284; the other model will cost $214. If prospective buyers want to own one of these devices, they should go to their regional Amazon store and see how much they are required to pay. No one knows yet whether or not there will be models sporting LTE or 3G.Kindle-Fire-HD-7

Some of the most compelling features of the Kindle Fire Series are great battery life, custom Dolby audio and dual stereo speakers, a customized touchscreen in high definition, a free Kindle app offering a “Buy Once, Read Everywhere” option, a wide selection of games and apps and a high definition cam on the front.


The Kindle Fire range is also capable of offering great speed when it comes to looking stuff up online. The display was improved with laminated touch sensor, an Advanced True Wide polarizing filter and IPS technology; the touch sensor means great values for colors and less glare by 25%. The sound is reported to be very good. There are also a dual-antenna with Wi-Fi and an integrated dual-band.

Some exclusive features that you will get with either of the Kindle Fire HD 7″ and the 8″ models consists of WhisperSync for Games and WhisperSync for Voice. Exchange, Gmail and so on will all be offered on these gadgets.

All in all, the devices are going to be great companions for game lovers as well as people who enjoy web browsing and book reading.

Amazon will launch new models from the Kindle Fire series somewhere this autumn.