HTC One with stock Android to be unveiled in 2 weeks

HTC One sporting stock Android seems to be ready for a launch in the U.S. in 2 weeks’ time. Or so Russell Holly from says. However, the guy can be trusted 100% when it comes to such things, since he was the one who told everyone that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 would be unveiled during I/O event. HTC themselves did not say “yes” when asked about this recent turn of events, but many are now thinking that the company has actually been playing on unveiling this version at a later date.

According to Holly and his unnamed sources, the HTC One with a stock Android version is going to be presented to the whole wide world in 2 weeks. Not even he knows the exact release date, but hey, this is better than nothing.HTC-One

The first country to enjoy the smartphone will be the U.S. The handset is going to sport, among others, Android 4.2.2 JB.


The guy from is of the opinion that the HTC One with stock Android is going to be available via Google’s Play Store after the phone’s U.S. release. The other countries where the smartphone will appear should be announced when the device is officially released.

So far, HTC’s One normal version has had pretty good sales among consumers of the brand. So the fact that the manufacturer wishes to see the One stock version ready for sale could have to do with Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Google Edition. The latter has been enjoying positive reactions from fans of the manufacturer ever since it was officially announced.

Since Holly talked about a 2 week time frame for the HTC One stock Android smartphone, all we will need now is going to be some patience. And we should keep an eye on what the manufacturer will announce in the future about its gadgets.