Install Official XXAMDB Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Firmware on Galaxy Grand Quattro I8552

Galaxy GRAND Quattro I8552 is one of those handsets that have been sitting in line for an update for quite a while now. The time has come at last: the newest Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean is going to be a part of this phone with XXAMDB firmware. Which is an official tool, in case you were worrying it might not be.

The bugs that were on the previous version of Android will no longer appear on this one thanks to the tool we chose. And the handset’s battery is sure to run longer. Also, there are no more overheating troubles to deal with; and the problems with the camera have also been fixed.


The tutorial we have in store for you on will make sure you flash the update as smoothly as possible. Even if you are new to these techniques. As always, we recommend every reader and owner of the Grand Quattro I8552 to consider some very important requirements.

Which are the following for this smartphone: charge the device’s battery till it’s no longer empty, turn on USB debugging (by going to Settings, choosing Applications, tapping Development and then selecting the box that reads USB debugging) and make backups of the most important dataGalaxy-Grand-Quattro-I8552


  1. Now is the moment when we start our guide with the first prompt: download the (once here, you must search the file compatible with your location) and Odin tool on your laptop. When the files are in the rightful spot, you have to unzip each of the packages, then go to the Odin one; when you’ve spotted it, you need to launch it on your laptop.
  2. Once this task has been performed as it should, your next task will have to look like this: switch the Galaxy Grand Quattro I8552. The mode you have to boot the handset into is called Download Mode; if you’ve never done something like this, find out how it’s performed from us: switch the handset off, hold down Volume Down and Menu at the same time and after that switch the device back on. You should stop holding those keys down as soon as the phone boots into a green robot.
  3. The smartphone should now be plugged to the notebook; the USB cord of the Galaxy Quattro I8552 will be the appropriate tool for this step. To be sure that the connection between your devices is real, you should check to see if an ID:COM box becomes yellow. If yes, then move on with the guide; if not, repeat it.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The file that is part of the firmware zip file should be chosen; do that by tapping the button otherwise known as PDA, then click on START. The XXAMDB will commence to install itself on your smartphone, so wait about 3 to 5 minutes from this point onward. After time has passed, you should see the handset reboot into the firmware.

Your phone will, no doubt about it, encounter various issues while doing what we said above. The one that is most prone to pop in a tutorial is this: your gadget gets stuck on a Welcome Screen.

To get it out of the way, you need to get the battery out, put it back in and then repeat our guide from the first instruction onward. The same will work if the smartphone gets stuck into an infinite boot loop out of which it cannot get out.

  • Jaspreet Singh

    plz upload on another site firstly its un resumable and it stops in middle happen 3 times

    • Catalin Nichita

      This is happen because the file is huge (about 760MB). We cannot move the file to another location. You can try with another browser.

  • Jaspreet Singh

    torrent or uploadbaz or any resumable site

  • Brendon D’Souza

    Can this update be done directly from the phone? And will the heating issue be solved? Whats the reason for the heating issue btw?

    • Catalin Nichita

      The official update is available via OTA and Samsung Kies in various countries. I don’t know your location but you can use this method as well.

      If you have a custom ROM flashed on your device, this is the only method available for your smartphone.

  • ali

    my cell is not going in downloading mode

  • ali

    my phone goes to recovery mode