Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Acer Liquid Gallant Duo

Acer Liquid Gallant Duo joins the ranks of smartphones that can receive ClockworkMod Recovery via a set of steps created especially for such a purpose. So if your smartphone of choice is this model, today’s tutorial is the tool with which will help achieve your wish.


We have to thank a talented developer for this. But unless your phone complies with several pre-requisites, our “How to” will not be a useful instrument for your goal. So be sure to use a laptop with Windows pre-installed, download a file named Recovery Package and own a Liquid Gallant Duo rooted via a guide we put together ourselves here at

As for the route you need to take in order to install ClockworkMod Recovery on your Acer Liquid Gallant Duo, you will find the required steps starting with the following paragraph.Acer-Liquid-Gallant-Duo

Important instructions

  1. The very first step to debut it all requires you to move the on your comp’s desktop, unzip the files it contains to the same place and then perform a connection between the PC and the smartphone with a USB cable (that comes with the handset).
  2. For step number two of this tutorial you are going to do as follows: grab hold of the Liquid Gallant Duo and take its battery out; but don’t unplug the phone from the laptop while you do that. Now wait for the comp to ask for the installation of drivers. You need to opt for the place where you have the appropriate drivers and to install them.
  3. The third step that you absolutely have to perform is the one which prompts you to execute the flashtool.exe file (the one extracted from the archive earlier) and unplug the phone from the comp (the battery needs to remain as it is, do not attempt to change it). Another operation to perform is the following: tap on Scatter-loading.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step four instructs you to opt for the text file that sits inside a folder called Scatter; you will find it on the laptop’s desktop. Now click on Recovery.
  5. Step 5 needs you to find a folder known as “images”; when you discover it, look for cwm6.0.1.5.lucky76_1.img and choose it. Click on Download (this is inside the tool).
  6. The sixth step requires you to perform once again a connection between the PC and the smartphone (the battery of the Liquid Gallant Duo shouldn’t be inside the handset just yet) and wait for “OK” to come on-screen.
  7. Restore the battery inside the phone and prepare for the last step which asks you to disconnect the smartphone from the laptop. The Acer Liquid Gallant Duo is now installed with ClockworkMod Recovery.