Guide: Enable USB Mass Storage Mode on LG Optimus 4X HD P880

We recently discovered that Media Transfer Mode featured on LG’s Optimus 4X HD is not working as it should anymore. In the sense that we couldn’t access files without having to wait a whole load of time to do that.

So we looked around for alternatives that could help us transfer files of large dimension to and from this handset with the laptop we used. And we found something which did its job much better than what we experienced with our old tool. What we are talking about is UMS Mode for ExternalSD Card.


This method is, in other words, an app which does the following: it helps the user to mount his Optimus 4X HD with his laptop and it is useful because after that the data transfer speed is increased. As is the norm, though, you are going to have to comply with certain pre-requisites that are here to make the procedure function properly.

So here’s what you need to deal with: the phone must be rooted first, download the and then install it on your laptop. To enable USB Mass Storage Mode on your LG Optimus 4X HD P880, a set of steps must be followed in the correct order.Optimus-4X-HD-P880

Important instructions

  1. We’ll start our guide today by introducing you to the first step. Which needs to be this one: download the USB Mass Storage APK file. For the operation that follows this one you have to carefully move the APK archive to your Optimus device; you can employ its USB for this operation.
  2. [sc name=”banner-jos”]For the second step you are asked to tap on Allow if you see a warning when the file is moved. Next up comes this phase: use the phone’s default file manager to launch and then install the file in question after the UMS_ModeV3.0.apk is safely tucked in the Optimus 4X HD.
  3. Step number three is next. For this you you are instructed to click on Open and perform a connection between the handsset and the PC; as usual, the handset’s USB cable should do the trick this time around, too.
  4. Step four is here to tell you that you need to click on Turn on USB Storage and follow this with the next operation that sounds like this: the applications must have root access for this procedure; you must allow this operation because if you don’t, the USB Mass Storage APK is going to refuse the installation on your Optimus 4X P880. Your laptop should now recognize the application after a couple of seconds. Then, when it does that, you will be able to transfer files at last.