How to Install Android 4.0.3 ICS Stock ROM on HTC One V (GSM model)

HTC One V (the GSM version) may get problems or various bugs once you’ve used a custom ROM on it. In that case, you need to install a stock ROM on your device. The pros of such a tool are more numerous than the cons.

For one, a stock ROM can be installed on any gadget; second pro: the Stock ROM (RUU) we are going to flash on your phone will offer loads of smoothness when you use your device. If you’ve rooted your HTC One V, root access will be gone once you’re done with this guide. To root your smartphone again, repeat the tutorial which made you achieve a rooted phone.


But now, we shall instruct you in the ways of installing the stock ROM RUU on your handset. Respect the following requirements for now:

  • turn on USB Debugging on your HTC One V GSM variant;
  • install USB drivers for your phone on your laptop;
  • charge the phone’s battery;
  • use the handset which has its bootloader relocked;
  • create backups via these instructions;
  • download the phone’s , followed by on your phone.HTC-One-V

How to flash RUU on your phone

  1. The beginning of our guide is here. Do the following: unzip the fastboot files in a folder and after that unzip the file you downloaded on your notebook for the requirements above. What the unzipping will deliver: image files of the recovery and the stock kernel.
  2. So now send the two to the folder containing those fastboot files and then enter the phone in Fastboot Mode. Install the kernel and the flash recovery using fastboot commands, then for HTC One V and plug the handset to the notebook.
  3. After the latter manages to recognize the HTC One V accordingly, you should launch the setup on the PC; then look for the guidelines which you will have to follow so that the Stock RUU is flashed on the handset.
  4. Here is how those instructions function: wait for a “Welcome” screen, tap “Next”, wait for the file to start its installation stage, then see if there are some guidelines to follow, tap “Next” after you are done with all of them and soon a message should tell you this: the update stage is underway.
  5. Once the latter is over, you will be shown info regarding the handset, so tap “Update” when you spot that message and then you will come across a screen which will ask you to tap “Next” in case you wish to have the stock ROM on your device.
  6. Then you will see a message of confirmation. Look for “Next”, tap it and then have patience for the next couple of minutes, since the display will show a progress bar. In case this bar stops its activity when the update is not yet done, wait some more.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]At the end of this process, a screen of “Congratulations!” will appear. Which means this: the update is over. So tap “Finish” and then unplug the handset from your laptop.
  8. The Home screen of stock HTC Sense will appear. In case this doesn’t happen at all, you should reset the HTC One V by unplugging it from the notebook, taking its battery out, inserting it back in, plugging the device to the PC and then wait until the One V gets recognized by your notebook; go back to the ROM Update Utility after it is.

After the upgrade is in full effect of your phone, you should gain access to stock Android 4.0.3 ICS with HTC Sense 4 interface and so on.