How to verify if an Android phone is rooted or not

When you are ready to root your tablet or smartphone, you can use one of the many custom ROMs found online to do that. These tools are very easy to use and results are very good.

But after you install such a helpful instrument on your gadget, you will want to know if your tablet or handset was rooted or not. And for this exact purpose you need other things to consider. Such things make the subject of today’s post. You don’t need to be a professional to follow our steps.


All you need to do is to just sit back and enjoy the process.

  1. The first step that you have to will have to go through is the following: try to enter in the Android Marketplace account.
  2. For the second step you need to look for the app that is dedicated to your gadget. And the best option for this is the app you will see called Connectbot.
  3. Step number three is also extremely easy to perform; you will just have to launch the Connectbot app we mentioned before.
  4. Once you see that it’s launched correctly, for the fourth step you have to check the instructions you are going to see on the display in a matter of seconds. When you are done following the guidelines, you will next see a command line field. Should this entry prompt feature $ as its main symbol, the handset or tablet you use did not go through a successful routing phase. But should you see a # instead of the other one, then your gadget was indeed rooted and you have just completed our guide for today.

If you experience the former situation, no worries at all. You can start the rooting process in a very easy manner: use the “su” command first and foremost, then follow the steps as they appear on the display.

Once you are done, see if the screen asks you for permissions from a SuperUser app; and, if it does, give your permission on the spot. Now the entry prompt will turn into the # symbol. Success! Your Android smartphone or tablet is now finally rooted and you can start using it asap.

The advantages of a rooted device are many. One of them: you will be able to quickly flash a custom ROM, or several instead, and use them on your gadget whenever you feel like. Also, you can experience what root-only apps have to offer once they are installed on your tablet or handset.

Apart from these advantages, you will get to discover many more. And, after you do, the performance of the gadget you own will increase by a lot. So don’t waste any more precious time and root your device now!