How to Root Sony Xperia E Dual

Sony Xperia E Dual is already on its four month anniversary, since it was released this past January.

The design, specs and features that it brings to the market are all fine and dandy, but how about we spice things up by telling you how to get much more out of this smartphone? Sounds good? Then we should say that what we will use for today is a guide on how to root the Xperia E Dual.


If you haven’t yet experienced a rooting procedure and you are afraid you will mess this tutorial up, you won’t. Everything that is written in this post is user-friendly. You have to just make sure to follow every tiny bit of info shown in the guide below and you will be more than fine.

The tutorial needs some pre-requisites from you, the owner of the Xperia E Dual, first: use the model which ships bootloader unlocked and with Android Ice Cream Sandwich on it, charge the battery of the smartphone and create a backup using this tutorial. Download (it’s the name of Insecure kernel), and on your laptop. Sony-Xperia-E-Dual

How to install Insecure Kernel

Here is what to do so that the handset is complete with the Insecure Kernel we just discussed above.

  1. Step one will have you extract the archive to a folder on your laptop, then you need to copy the Insecure kernel to that folder.
  2. Step two should go like this: switch the Xperia E Dual off.
  3. Enter the device in Fastboot Mode by holding down Volume Up and pressing Power. Now launch a command prompt window in the Android folder by using the Start -> Cmd method on the said folder.
  4. For step four you must opt for Open command here. Then plug the smartphone to the laptop via the USB cable.
  5. Step five needs the following from you: run some commands as shown below. Here they are:
    fastboot devices
    fastboot flash boot XPERIADual.elf
    fastboot reboot

The first of them will show the Xperia Dual E (when it’s plugged to the laptop) as a very long number. Which translates into a successful plugging situation between the two devices. The second command is going to do the following: install the Insecure Kernel to the handset. The third command will reboot the smartphone.

The path is now clear to learning how to root the phone.


  1. Step number one has these couple of guidelines for you to operate: extract the to a folder on the laptop you use for this guide. Afterwards you will need to turn on USB debugging on the Xperia Dual E by going to its Settings, choosing Developer Options, tapping Development and activating the check box sitting next to USB debugging.
  2. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The second step will ask you to enable the flashing of applications that come from sources which aren’t known; here is how: go to the phone’s Settings, tap Security and then tick the check box called Unknown sources.
  3. The third step has to happen like this: plug the phone to the PC and then go to the folder that is extracted on the computer.
  4. From there, double-click on runme.bat file. When done, use the prompts that will appear on the display and your phone will have been rooted. Look for an app known as SuperSU at the end of the procedure; it should be in the phone’s App Drawer.