Google to continue Nexus devices

Google not only partnered up with Samsung to create Galaxy S4 Google Edition, but also with HTC more recently. The result of the latter partnership will be a stock HTC One phone. The device is going to offer the a Nexus experience to its future owners. The handset is going to become available later this year.

This means that Google will not give up throwing Nexus gadgets on the market from now on. Sundar Pichai, chief of Android, was the one to confirm the fact that the American company does not want to end the Nexus program sometime soon. He reported this during the annual AllThingsD conference. According to Pichai, Google will, indeed, come with many other products belonging to the Nexus program in the near future.

Which is completely good news, because the devices which get to experience the Nexus feel cater to the needs of people who cannot afford the more expensive ones that are on the market right now. nexus-7

The HTC One and Galaxy S4 featuring Android 4.2.2 JB are going to be launched next month. So everyone is wondering when the models with the Nexus experience will come.


Until they arrive so that people can grab them, the AllThingsD conference also sparked interest when Google confirmed a smartphone called Motorola X. The company said that this model would land in shops in the upcoming months, as suggested by previous rumors. This is in no way a handset to offer the whole Nexus feel, but at least it’s something new to get giddy over.

But the most important things to look forward to: there won’t be any lack of Nexus-like gadgets in the foreseeable future. And more of them should be launched this autumn (maybe from October onward). Hopefully they will all sport the latest Android version instead of the previous one.