Google Nexus 7 with 3G to come in six weeks?

Google is set on launching their Nexus 7 and rumors are saying that the happy event will take place in no less than 6 weeks. But is it all true?

Things started heating up after the Internet was invaded by a rumor according to which Google was going to release a new Nexus 7 tablet that would be offering 3G connectivity thrown into the mix. And the manufacturer behind all of this was rumored to be Asus. The price of the new tablet is said to be $200. But that’s only for the model that sports a memory of 8GB. Because the version with 16GB of memory will supposedly cost more: $250. MoDaCo is the source that published this info first.

It looks like there is also unofficial data about the specs that the improved Nexus 7 will bring to the table. And they look like this: a 7″ touchscreen, 8GB/16GB of total memory, compatibility with 3G, a WiFi radio and every other spec that the last version has.Google-Nexus-7-3G

News about an upcoming new Nexus 7 gadget will no doubt send rivals into a frenzy. In particular names such as Lenovo, Apple, Amazon and many others with their IdeaTab, iPad Mini, Kindle Fire and so on. Ever since the first Nexus 7 was first unleashed, Google recorded breakthrough sales. There is no official data on how much, though. But Tech-Thoughts advances numbers such as 6-8 million units that are going to be taken out of shelves by impatient consumers by the end of this year. The competition still has to register the same boom in sales.

As always, we will have to wait and see if the rumors will turn into reality or not. And if we are going to see a new version of the popular Google Nexus 7 tablet in 6 weeks’ time or later. Or next year. Either way, it will be a moment awaited by many consumers who always want new gadgets to play with. Ideally before the holiday season, so that they can give them away as presents to loved ones. However, if things go smoothly, Google will have to face competition from the highly anticipated iPad Mini release that is going to happen close to that date, too.

  • Ridley May

    Do you have any news about this model ? But about the 10 inch version of the Nexus? I hope they will launch the 10 version very soon.

    I am the owner of the Nexus 7 (WiFi) and I am very happy with this model. The battery is good and the tablet is stable and easy to use.