How to Flash KitKat 4.4.2 XXU0AND3 on Galaxy Ace Style SM-G310HN

Galaxy Ace Style SM-G310HN is involved in a tutorial which will assure the presence of Google’s newest OS variant, KitKat 4.4.2. Users from 3 countries will get the opportunity to enjoy this version. We will tell you which they are and how to upgrade your phone, so make sure you don’t go anywhere!

The Android 4.4.2 KitKat is ready to land on your Samsung SM-G310HN. Germany, the UK and Open Austria are the countries where today’s update firmware, called XXU0AND3, can be used. Only the Galaxy Ace Style G310HN is the phone that has received this firmware. So unless you have this model, you shouldn’t use our tutorial, because your phone will end up damaged.Galaxy-Ace-Style-SM-G310HN

The novelties

The new firmware does not let you upgrade the handset with KIES. This procedure can be done via other 2 methods: OTA or this tutorial. In case the first one is more familiar, you have to remember that your device will have to sport stock ROM.

An upgrade to the Android 4.4.2 XXU0AND3 comes with the usual set of novelties. Here they are: a whole bunch of new apps as well as features, plus customization tweaks. If you go for this update, your phone’s going to deliver its best performance yet.

The device, if rooted, will encounter some problems once it’s updated. The effect of the new firmware on your handset will be this: the system partition will be lost and root access will be revoked. But you won’t lose the phone’s internal / external SD cards or its most important content.


The requirements we have in store for you next are as follows:

  • a notebook with Windows running on it is the device to use;
  • your smartphone’s security programs will have to be turned off throughout the guide;
  • the laptop that are on your notebook will also have to be deactivated;
  • the battery running on the phone has to be charged fully;
  • regular backups should be created to protect the phone from bugs and other security issues;
  • you need to create a full NANDroid backup after the regular ones are created;
  • you need to also flash USB drivers fit for the Galaxy Ace Style SM-G310HN on the notebook;
  • USB Debugging will have to be activated on your phone.

Step by step instructions

  1. The first batch of instructions is up next. So make sure you download, on your laptop, the , and , then Odin v3.09 (from this page). When the two get downloaded there, you have to extract their content with WinRar.
  2. When the files have all landed on the notebook, launch Odin v3.09.exe, one of them, on your laptop and then enter the handset in Download Mode. This is where you have to press and simultaneously hold Home, Power and Volume Down and then, after a boot message is on the display, press Volume Up.
  3. Establish, with the phone’s USB cable, a connection between this device and the other one. When the devices achieve the plugging, Odin will signal this with a blue sign.
  4. After the connection is done, you will be asked to do this: tick Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time after you’ve added the firmware file to AP / PDA. Re-partition will need to be unchecked. Click on “Start” to smoothly install the XXU0AND3 official firmware on the Galaxy Ace Style SM-G310HN.
  5. If the device displays a message in green saying “Pass” and it reboots shortly after that, the new firmware will have ended its flashing process. Which means that you can proceed to this action: go to your two devices and make sure they’re disconnected from one another.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]You will then find it very easy to start using your newly upgraded smartphone. What you just installed on the latter will be easy to launch. Simply make sure you do the following: tap Settings, closely followed by About Phone, which must also be tapped.

If, during the testing of the new firmware, you are dissatisfied with it, the solution to that is this: just restore the former ROM. To get it back, you will need to make use of the NANDroid backup file. If you opt for this, the handset’s update process will be revoked.

When you feel like asking us something about the procedure, you can do as such. For this, we have a comment section under this tutorial. Use it well!