Eric Schmidt: 1.5 million Android activations per day

Eric Schmidt has just announced that the number of Android activations daily has reached the grand total of 1.5 million. And there will be new devices to be impatient about.

Eric Schmidt is the chairman of Google. His recent statement, courtesy of Engadget, is meant to show that Android activations have risen from just 1.3 million per day this past September to 1.5 million till now. What Schmidt added in the Q&A session he was part of today in New York City was that Google is keen on reaching 1 billion Android activations till the end of this year.

Over 740 million smartphones using Android as their operating system are currently owned in a total of 160 countries worldwide. During the All Things D conference Schmidt participated in earlier today, he went on to say that the company has no tensions going on with rival Samsung. android-army

Which is something that many are suspicious of. Especially since it is well-known that the South Korean manufacturer records better sales when it comes to hardware compared to Google. The same can be said about LG and other companies’ hardware sales.

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Apart from announcing the new numbers concerning Android activations in a day, Schmidt revealed, according to, the fact that their Motorola division is preparing new things to look forward to. And here is where things become mysterious. Google’s chairman himself remained mysterious and he only announced that the new stuff, which he called “phones-plus”, will leave many Google fans speechless. Upon hearing this, specialists are already thinking of the much-spoken about X Phone, a device which has been the star of many rumors for a very long time now.
The annual Google I/O event is almost upon us. It will be the perfect setting to see what Eric Schmidt has in store for us.