Asus Transformer AiO P1801 available, for only $1,299

ASUS Transformer AiO P1801 is more than affordable to own at just $1,299. So, if you plan on buying it, now’s your chance.

The ASUS Transformer AiO P1801 is a hybrid of sorts. The gadget combines a tablet and a PC in one nice-looking package. Which means you have the added bonus of Windows 8 mode besides the usual Android one The 18.4-inch touchscreen that ships with it lets you switch between the two operating systems with perfect ease; the only requirement to do that: dock everything well.

A SplashTop Remote Desktop is included in the package, as well. This tool works for those moments when you wish to plug the tablet to the base and at the same time roam online.Asus-Transformer-AiO-P1801

The specifications of the Transformer AiO P1801 in its Android tablet state are as follows: an 18.4-inch IPS screen with 1920 x 1080 pixels of resolution and 120 ppi, 2 GB of RAM, Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1, 16 GB of Flash storage, nVidia Tegra-3, a 7,600 mAh battery, a cam on the front summing 1 megapixels and a microSD card slot. The body weighs 5.28 lbs.

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Now let’s take a look at the specs of the Windows 8-based device: the same touchscreen with the same resolution and ppi, Windows 8 64-bit, 8 GB of RAM, nVidia GeForce 730M 2 GB, a 3.1 GHz Intel Core i5 CPU, a DVD Drive and 1 TB hard drive 7200RPM. In terms of connectivity you will get Bluetooth 4.0, one HDMI out and 4 USB 3.0 ports to use.

We said that the price of the ASUS Transformer AiO P1801 is $1,299. However, if you go to Rakuten, you should find it with the following price: $1,269. The device can also be found at two different online shops: ASUS Official Retailers List and Amazon & Amazon Featured Merchants. So pick one of these sources and get this product if it sounds appealing to you.