ASUS denies rumors it’s planning $99 Google Nexus tablet

Not too long ago a rumor started spreading all over the Internet. And that rumor said that Asus wanted to make a Google Nexus tablet priced at $99. But the thing is, you shouldn’t really trust words thrown over the World Wide Web by someone who doesn’t actually work at the company.

Asus is nowhere near creating a new tablet. But this rumor surrounding the manufacturer meant plenty of hype for the team there. Unfortunately, the Google Nexus is, for now, only a distant dream for the company’s fans. But let’s go back in the past and see how all of this first started.

A short while back, someone announced that Asus had big plans. According to the rumor started by that someone, the manufacturer would create an entry-level tablet that would cost only $99. But that wouldn’t be all. Asus would also supposedly launch another model, a more expensive one. The rumor said that these two gadgets would arrive in stores somewhere at the end of 2012.asus-Google-Nexus

From what can be observed by looking at Google and their strategies, the company would wish to come with something new. Because of rivals such as Barnes & Noble, Apple, Amazon and others. The best idea would be to create a tablet that would be better than the Nexus 7.

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Amazon and Apple have been having plenty of success with their iPad Mini and Kindle Fire HD, respectively. Not to say that Apple is bound to launch a new model in the near future, too. If Google wants to stay in top, they will need to come with a tablet that has a 9″ touchscreen. Then there’s Barnes & Noble. They recently said that they will come with a model that has a display of 9″. And a model with a 7″ touchscreen.

When asked about the rumor, Asus did not confirm it’s true. But that’s something which every manufacturer says when asked about a rumor. Maybe they will launch a new model, maybe not. But if they really were to come with something new, it would be a gadget with a 7″ display that does not cost an arm and a leg. Or a tablet with a 9″ touchscreen, to better compete with rivaling companies. And, to make things even better, they could offer a device that looks so much better than the Nexus 7. Either way, a partnership between Asus and Google is bound to create something great.