Apple announces that Samsung Galaxy S4 breaks 5 patents

A recent court filing made by Apple claims that Samsung Galaxy S4 violates 5 patents of the American company. The latter made an analysis on the smartphone; according to results, the model infringes on the following: one data sync patent, 2 Siri related search patents and 2 UI-related patents.

The results were delivered after Apple looked at private source code. Which was offered by two companies one year ago. According to the filing, the American company discovered several issues in the process of reviewing that code source. Furthermore, the South Korean manufacturer offered the code to be inspected on PCs connected to a computer that belonged to the company’s Korean development team. Apple went on to say that the servers were also able to deliver them a look into how the development process of the smartphone was going.Samsung-Galaxy-S4

The American company saw that there were other versions of the yet under development source code. Also, there appeared to be several other developments in the works.


All of the above combined into a situation which made the download of the source code difficult to obtain. Also, the time needed to see what it was all about was extra long. In a nutshell: Apple had a hard time looking over the source code, which made them suspect problems with the Galaxy S4.

This situation resulted in Apple and Samsung negotiating several solutions. One of them: the South Korean manufacturer put together a local copy consisting of 1.9TB of source code. The latter was then sent over to Apple for a detailed analysis. Following this, the American company wanted Samsung to combine the source code to the Galaxy S4. The result: Apple found that their own analysis of Samsung’s source code was a match to the phone. When the company located in America asked Google to offer their own source code, an answer came from the latter on the 31st of March. Which made Apple appeal to a court.

It now remains to be seen how the situation will end.