Windows Phone Marketplace vs Google Play

If you were to choose between Phone Marketplace and Google, which would you choose? Find out the differences between them in today’s article.

From the looks of it, Android platform is not receiving a lot of love from developers. The reason behind that is that it’s characterized by fragmentation. In other words, a developer will never be able to launch an application capable to work on every Android version. On the other hand, you won’t ever see that happening with rival Google Play. Which is a place where you can find all sorts of movies, latest books, music and so on.

Working with Google Play is very easy. Every time you want to install an application, you can do so without leaving usual desktop application; just tap on the install button and opt for whatever gadget you want that app to be on afterwards. Google Drive, formerly known as Google Docs, features apps for Android, Windows, iPad, Mac and iPhone. Another advantage of Google Play is the following: connect to a tablet, for instance, and you will be able to see every single book, tune, file and so on that you own. There are up to 5GB data storage you can use in your account.

The applications number

Windows Phone Marketplace has a total of 80,000 applications. Compared to that, Google Play has much more: over 435,000 applications, out of which over 311,000 come free of charge. Variety is always better, so in this case Google Play is the obvious

The design of each of these markets for apps is different. Windows Phone App Marketplace opted for the popular Metro interface. Which is a very attractive style. But the looks used for Google Play are more effective. They are characterized by swiping interface, which is very useful, and by pics that are both big and good looking. The latter two elements are very useful when the user wishes to locate an application quickly.


The Windows Phone Marketplace and Google Play both sport cloud technology. That comes in handy, because let’s say you use many gadgets at once and want to synchronize different files; it would all become very boring and take up a lot of your time, right? So that’s why SkyDrive cloud, owned by Microsoft, boasts a free data storage capable to offer 7GB of cloud data storage. This is more than enough for your iPhone, Mac, Windows Phone and others to store whatever files you may want to use at some point.

One of the greatest pros of Google Play is that it enables the user to use the playlists in the same way like the iTunes interface. Should you go to the Google Play official page, you will see that you can read applications, literature and other files you keep stored directly from there, provided you are connected to an Android device. Also, we have the possibility to sort out everything from movies, books, favorite tunes and so on. All in all, Google made something that looks very much like the Google marketplace: the Chrome Web Store. This also means that the previous cloud management client is present once more and ready to be used.

Other differences

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For their part, Microsoft have a long history with a novel platform that they began working on before the launch of the Windows Phone operating system. They named this platform Zune. This is the kind of program which is very helpful and works well with a comp using the Windows OS. It also works with a smartphone that runs on Windows Phone. Zune offers the possibility to open all sorts of content, starting from clips and ending with songs, and it can also install the latest software updates to whatever gadget you own. This software was also created to effortlessly use the media files between the handset you use and your laptop or PC.

There have been many complaints from smartphone users who would like to see adverts disappear. They are simply annoying in the majority of cases. But there are others who don’t share this opinion, like for instance people behind Lightbox and RunKeeper. The former has accumulated a grand total of 1 billion from downloads since last year. RunKeeper is a health app, for those of you who don’t know. The hits they got thanks to the ads they use are many and they keep happening.