Upgrade Galaxy S Plus GT-I9001 to Tiger-Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Build 6 Custom Firmware

Galaxy S Plus I9001 will make you enjoy it even more if you update it to Android 4.2.2 with Tiger-Jelly Bean Build 6 custom firmware whose features are made of Google apps, stability, a user interface that reminds of the one on Galaxy S4 and superior battery life, just to name a few.


The group of pre-requisites to read about includes the following: charge the battery of your smartphone (the content on the phone’s internal memory should be backed up to a dedicated hard disk), install USB drivers for the S Plus GT-I9001 on your laptop, use a carrier + bootloader unlocked phone and make sure USB debugging is enabled.

Important instructions

  1. Find the and flash it on your laptop.
  2. Step two will invite you to plug the handset to your PC and then copy the zip file (which also comes with Google Apps package inside) to the smartphone’s SD card root.Galaxy-S-Plus-gt-I9001
  3. Unplug the devices after the copying has ended. Now have your S Plus GT-I9001 powered off.
  4. Send it into Recovery Mode by pressing and holding Volume Down, Volume Up and Power simultaneously. You will have to stop pressing + holding them when the display of the phone displays signs of flashing. Now perform three very important operations that will contribute to the wiping of the phone’s data. Here is what you have to do:
    – opt for Factory Reset/Wipe Data (you should not forget to confirm this by choosing “Yes”);
    – return to the Recovery Menu;
    – opt for Wipe Cache Partition;
    – wait for that to end;
    – choose Wipe Dalvik Cache;
    – have patience for that to happen.
  5. Step five is the next one for today’s guide. You will now need to opt for Install zip from SD card.
  6. The following step will ask you to do as follows: select Choose zip from SD card and look for the archive labelled tiger_v6_jb_for_galaxy_s_plus_i9001_by_ktheoriginal.zip; the button you have to press to have this zip file chosen is Power.
  7. A confirmation of this task will be asked of you for the seventh step. You will also be told to have a little bit of patience while the flashing of the custom ROM happens.
  8. As soon as it reaches an end, you need to return to the Recovery Menu of your S Plus I9001 and, when you’ve reached it, be sure to opt for the system restarting option for the final step. After this happens, the smartphone is going to boot into the Tiger-Jelly Bean Build 6 which will update the handset to the Android 4.2.2.

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“Status 7 error” is a message that is very much disliked by anybody updating a gadget. If you, too, get this message, then flash, on your smartphone, a compatible kernel and then the Tiger-Jelly Bean Build 6.

The tutorial that will help you get rid of a boot loop issue should happen like this: before you reboot the phone, you have to operate a Wipe Cache Partition and a Wipe Dalvik Cache (do those five times).

A return to the ROM that was on your Galaxy S PLus GT-I9001 prior to this tutorial should be acquired like this: boot the phone into the Recovery Mode, opt for Backup&Restore, opt for the previous ROM from a list and it will soon be restored.