How to Unroot Samsung Galaxy Gio GT-S5660

Samsung Galaxy Gio GT-S5660 is not a smartphone that can win a battle against the manufacturer’s more recent models. Or any other brand’s novelties.

But that shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with it if your handset of choice is off to the repair shop. And so on. However, because this model’s OS is not Google’s Android 4.0 ICS version, users that were interested in better performance had to find a tutorial on how to root it.


But, like always with people, those same users who wished for a rooted Galaxy Gio GT-S5660 soon wanted to find a way to brings its initial settings and feel back; or to regain its lost warranty.

In each of these cases, the procedure you should use is called unrooting. Our guide is all about this operation. And we are going to hook you up with all the elements that will help you with your wish.Samsung-Galaxy-Gio-GT-S5660

For starters, here is the usual set of requirements you should keep in mind: use a phone that’s rooted with our tutorial from earlier and charge the battery of the handset if you don’t want it to bail on you during our guide. A backup with your important data is a must, as usual. Under this paragraph are the steps which are going to make everything easier.

Important instructions

  1. Our unrooting tutorial begins with step one. Here is what you are recommended to do for it: download three files which are called Odin tool, and , respectively. Then, once you’ve grabbed each of these files, you should place them on your laptop, then go and take out their contents, with an archive opener, to the same place.
  2. The actions to be performed for the next step, the second one, are the following: enable USB debugging. The steps to take for this are as follows: go to the phone’s Menu, tap on Settings, choose Applications, opt for Development and you will see the option that needs to be enabled.
  3. Step three comes next and tells you to employ the USB cable of the Gio S5660 so that you are able to plug the handset to your computer. Now make sure to go to the laptop’s desktop so that you can open a Command Line Window; here is how we do it: select and keep pressed the Shift key and use the mouse to right-click on the display, after which you should opt for Open command line here.
  4. After such a long step three comes step four: enter this command
    adb reboot download
    into the Command Line Window.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Now wait as the GT-S5660 reboots into Download Mode, then see what step five has to say; which is this: open the Odin file by double-clicking on it. Next: click on PDA.
  6. For step six you need to choose Stock Firmware and check F. Reset Time as well as Auto Reboot in Odin tool.
  7. The seventh step needs you to uncheck Repartition if you see it’s checked. Then start the installation of the firmware by clicking on Start.
  8. The Galaxy Gio GT-S5660 is going to reboot soon and you’ll see that it’s unrooted.

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    Hello, How Can I know which stock ROM to use?