Samsung Galaxy S4 for Cricket to come on June 7

Cricket Wireless will offer their version of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 (probably labelled SCH-R970) starting with the 7th of June. The price of this smartphone is, without a contract, the following: $599.99. You will be able to get it from authorized stores, online or in-store as soon as June comes.

The Galaxy S4 4G LTE can be yours at a cheap price, too. The carrier offers all sorts of rate plans if you’re interested in the device but don’t have enough money to buy the more expensive variant. For instance, you can get it for $54.99. For this sort of rate plan, you can enjoy unlimited SMS and talk; you are also offered 1 GB of full-speed data monthly. There are also other rate plans you can try out. If you want 2.5 GB of full-speed data instead, you can get the $60 version. For $70 you can enjoy a Galaxy S4 4G LTE with 5 GB of full-speed data.Samsung-Galaxy-S4

Here is a reminder of the phone’s most important specifications in case you forgot: a 5-inch touchscreen, a resolution of 1080p, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core CPU and 16 GB of storage. The colors that you can choose from are white and blue, same as before.


There are two cameras to use: one is on the front and houses 2MP and the second one sits on the smartphone’s back and is a 13MP version; the Dual Camera option the handset ships with makes it easy to snap photos using both of these cams at the same time. The user interface provides the same ease of use as on other Galaxy models.

According to the South Korean manufacturer, their Galaxy S4 lets the user have control over it via touchless capabilities. Which, apparently, no other smartphone can do. The handset can even be used as a remote control thanks to its pre-installed features and it is capable of helping you enjoy TV shows even more.

If Cricket has convinced you with their plan rates, then go ahead and order your Galaxy S4 4G LTE SCH-R970 from their shop.