Root Galaxy S4 I9505 running Jelly Bean 4.3 XXUEMJ5 Stock Firmware

After we’ve just shown you how to update Galaxy S4 I9505 to XXUEMJ5 Android 4.3 official firmware, we think that a rooting tutorial for this model is also in order.

The consequences of such a procedure done to your smartphone are numerous. And they are all of the good kind. As soon as you have the rooted Galaxy S4, you will be able to get new additions, such as root-only apps, features that will help your phone perform at its best, tweaks and so on.

Speaking of new features: your device shall experience OpenGL 3.0 support, ANT+ support, better management of RAM resources, better color reproduction for the touchscreen, new cam firmware and many other improvements. The keyboard has also been made better so that you enjoy typing messages and so on. Your handset will also perform a whole lot better after it’s rooted.


We now give you the following list of pre-requisites:

  • it’s imperative to create backups first;
  • then make sure your phone has its USB Debugging enabled;
  • after that find and flash, on your laptop, USB drivers for the handset;
  • don’t forget to charge the battery of your Galaxy S4 I9505;
  • and last but not least, download (make sure it’s the most recent variant) and Odin tool version 1.85 on your laptop from this place, then make sure you have the XXUEMJ5 Android 4.3 stock firmware on the same device.

That was all in terms of requirements. The steps that have to do with today’s rooting process are detailed below. Pay extra attention to every single one of them if you want a successfully rooted phone.Samsung-Galaxy-S4-GT-I9505


  1. You should begin the guide by extracting the CF-Auto-root archive on your PC or laptop, then do the following: be sure to switch your handset off. Enter, afterwards, your Galaxy S4 I9505 into Download Mode by following these guidelines: press and simultaneously hold Volume Down and Home, after which you should press only Power; when you come across the logo of Android, you should press Power once more.
  2. Then do this: launch the Odin on the notebook, plug the smartphone to the laptop and see whether or not the devices have acquired a successful connection between each other; if they did, you should see an ID:COM box port become yellow and a message that reads “Added!!“.
  3. But, if you register an unsuccessful plugging, you have to either re-flash the USB drivers or use a totally different USB port.
  4. Because you are still in Odin, you have to perform these few tasks: after tapping PDA, you will need to opt for the rooting file that resulted from the extraction (the file should be called and then check F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Tap, while still in Odin, the key that’s called “Start” and the flashing should begin any second now. Next, your handset should restart into the Recovery Mode.
  6. After it does that, the phone shall flash the root package and the ID:COM box will become green if the installation goes well. When that happens and as soon as the phone’s home screen pops up, you should disconnect the handset from the laptop. The Galaxy S4 I9505 is now rooted!

In case the phone is not rooted, you have to redo the steps of our guide. This time, though, uncheck Auto Reboot and, once the flashing of the rooting package is over, take the battery out of your handset and enter it in the Recovery Mode again.