Opera for Android is out of Beta Stage

Opera for Android is not in a beta state anymore. Its updated nature does not mean that many new features compared to the beta one. Some of the most pronounced ones, though, are these: an Off-Road Mode, Discover and Speed Dial.

The latter feature in the list can help you open, in a faster way, those web pages which you access on a daily basis. The Discover function will help you find out new and useful things on the Internet. You will even spot sub-sections that relate to Health, Arts, Technology and many other important things you find important. The way to do that is the following: simply swipe, from Speed Dial, to the left. You will then be able to locate the topics aforementioned. There are also default top stories to look at if you don’t have enough time to look for customized ones.opera-android

The last feature, which is the Off-Road, was created as a means of verifying data in case you have a network which works slowly. To enable this feature, do as follows: tap on the Opera icon, then on an off/on toggle. When done, have a look at data savings that’s under that toggle.

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Opera for your Android device comes with a user interface that makes it very easy and pleasant to use. Tests have already appeared and they are reporting that this version works very well with Samsung Galaxy S3. The operating system versions that can accommodate the Opera are Android 2.3 and later.

Apart from the Speed Dial, Discover and Off-Road features, the new Opera offers this welcome possibility: to look at active tabs after you’ve turned the display to full size. The address bar has been improved by a lot, so it’s more responsive compared to the one in the beta state. Moreover, the navigation bar is now a the bottom, which makes it more accessible to the user.

The new Opera for your Android gadget is available from .