O2 UK to offer Sony Xperia T James Bond Skyfall edition

Sony’s Xperia T James Bond Skyfall edition is officially landing on UK wireless carrier O2.

This smartphone comes as a special edition of the first Xperia T model. And yes, it has everything to do with the newest movie of the James Bond franchise, which is called Skyfall. It also has Skyfall in its name because it is going to be used by Daniel Craig who plays the secret agent known as 007. And who needed a kickass smartphone to use.

The UK wireless carrier O2 announced, via their official Internet page, that this device that the latest Sony Xperia T will be seen used by the British 007 secret agent from the 26th of October onward. This is something that many consumers are already looking forward to.

What makes this version much more attractive is that its creators threw images from Skyfall, ringtones for the movie and so on into the mix of usual options, settings and such. The company themselves added that the Xperia T James Band Skyfall edition will ship with the sort of offerings that only the people who are using the O2 carrier are going to benefit from.

Among the specs that this smartphone is delivering are a 4.6″ touchscreen of the HD Reality type. The camera that is featured is a 13MP one. It sports video recording of content in high definition. The phone works with a Mobile BRAVIA Engine. The company says that this device is capable of snapping very good quality pics. The processor is a 1.5 GHz dual-core.Sony-Xperia-T-James-Bond-Skyfall

In terms of how a device looks, the Xperia T James Band Skyfall edition looks very attractive. Its exterior is the same as the original model.

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According to UK carrier O2, this is a phone that boasts all sorts of compelling features besides its great specifications. A feature named One-touch sharing allows for instant and smooth video and photo sharing. The feature called SmartTags, for instance, helps the user pair his or her current profile (busy, at work, free just to name a few) to his or her current location. So that your friends know what you are doing at any given time.

If the Sony Xperia T James Band Skyfall edition smartphone already sparked your interest, then be sure to look for it on O2’s official Internet page. The UK carrier announced that this smartphone will feature an action-packed 007 Legends game for PC, XBOX 360 or PS. But this is going to be featured for a limited time.