The New ClockWorkMod Superuser App, available at Google Play

Google Play features a new app going by the name of Superuser.

This app was first developed by the same guy responsible for ClockworkMod Recovery: Koushik Dutta. So far, the new ParanoidAndroid ROM is the only one to sport this fresh app.

From what is known until now, the Superuser app comes with these important elements: logging, password protection, notifications, full multiuser access for the new Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the option to easily see if apps grabbed from Play Store tell an user if he needs Superuser access and many more. Also, the UI works with the following touchscreen types: 7″ and 10″.

The idea which served as purpose for this app was that Koushik wished to bring a free application, ready to be customized by other developers; moreover, he planned on offering developers the possibility to integrate it with what they’re working on. Another bonus for this app: whenever a security problem appears, anyone can generate a separate scan. And talking about security: the app lets the user automatically block apps that don’t say whether or not they want root access authorization.
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The new ClockWorkMod Superuser app can be found ready for download, as mentioned, in . You don’t have to pay money to get it on your device. But some of the users who already downloaded it complain about its lack of advanced features; don’t mind them: some updates will appear soon and they will take care of things.

After you grab this app from the Google Play Store, make sure your gadget is rooted. That’s the only way this tool will work. If you don’t have it rooted, you can look up tutorials on how to do that here on our site; just look at the model of your device and go straight to our search option.

As soon as your phone or tablet is rooted and the Superuser app is installed on it, you have to remember this: superuser.apks and SU binaries on your gadget will disappear. But Koushik is able to counteract that problem via a new archive, available for download, .superuser