Motorola i867 now available from Nextel

Motorola have recently made their i867 smartphone available in Argentina.

The new device was released on Nextel a couple of days ago. Nextel is a carrier based in South America. Argentina, if we want to be more precise. And, according to the manufacturer, this phone stands out among its peers thanks to its appealing specs, features and looks. This model is also a good catch if you want something that can deliver various ways of keeping in touch with loved ones. Without fearing security threats.

The Motorola i867 from Nextel is a smartphone with a good list of specs, considering the company hasn’t been that successful lately. Here are some of the specifications: 3.1″ display, a 3MP cam and multimedia features. Nextel i-alarm service and Wi-Fi connectivity are a couple of this device’s features. The former was created so that, whenever you are in a tight spot and can’t use a radio, you can easily find help. All the user has to do is to push a key called Nextel radio speaker. After 4 seconds, the phone will send preconfigured text.

Another feature offered by Motorola’s i867 from Nextel is the following: the owner of this phone can easily browse through their messages on Facebook and emails with the help of an app named Nextel Email. The latter also helps the user keep in touch with people through Google Talk and different other services for messaging. Which is always convenient in this fast world we’re living.Motorola-i867

The i867 is, Motorola themselves stated in a recent press conference, a great tool to use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and so on. Which makes it very easy to stay in touch with people you know. Both at work and outside of it.

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Adolfo Rizzato, iDEN Business Manager at Motorola Mobility, said that the new i867 offers the possibility to communicate with dear ones or work colleagues every time they need to. The smartphone uses the popular Push-to-Talk technology. This device was also made to be used by young people, too.

Osvaldo Giani, Operational Marketing Manager at Nextel Argentina, announced that the company has many plans for the future. One of them is the creation of gadgets which appeal to various consumer types. Nextel is even thinking of a featured labeled Nextel Radio.

Nextel already has other Motorola phones under their umbrella. Which are the following: i940, Titanium and i1. The manufacturer’s i867 is the fourth one in their collection.