LG to Release Smartphone with Flexible Display this year

LG plans on unveiling a smartphone that will sport a flexible touchscreen. When to expect it? This year.

Based on how good LG is performing in the sales department, it was inevitable that they would announce something new and exciting. And what else than a phone with a flexible OLED display. The announcement was made by Yoon Bu-hyun, LG’s vice-president of mobile.

This piece of news is currently making everyone wonder if such a screen would become available that early, considering the fact that flexible batteries and the like will take a lot of time to manufacture.

Among the big names that have already made prototypes of flexible OLED displays are Nokia and Samsung. Even LG demoed this type of technology not too long ago. So a smartphone with such a display doesn’t seem all that hard to manufacture, but the question remains how soon it will happen.flexible-display

While everyone is left to wonder, both South Korean gadget manufacturers are currently working on ways to bring this new display to life.

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And out of the two, LG seems to be the one to offer it sooner. Or so they wish. However, even if the company’s future smartphone will have a flexible OLED screen, one shouldn’t think that the device will also be able to bend. That is because every phone out there comes with battery and all sorts of other elements which are very hard to bend. Or at least for now they are.

What the new kind of display will translate into is this: the possibility to have it as a cover around the phone’s margins. But who knows, maybe the future will bring new and exciting possibilities to top this one off.

While we wait for that to happen, one of LG’s direct rivals, Samsung, will released a handset that is also going to offer one of these flexible OLED displays.