HTC One to Launch in the UK on March 15th through Clove and Vodafone

Citizens of the UK, gather round cause we have important news for you: if you can’t wait to buy HTC’s One smartphone, then you should know that both Clove and Vodafone have a possible release date for you.

The two carriers are the first to announce that the 15th of March is when HTC’s newest handset will probably become available. So far, only the UK is the part of the world where you will be able to own this model. If you go on Clove’s website, you will even see this text “First stock expected 15th march“.

You can opt between two colors with the same price tag: Glacial Silver (32GB) for £425.00 or Stealth Black (the same amount of RAM) at the same £425.00. That’s excluding VAT; if we include it, the price becomes £510.00. HTC-One

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Moreover, Vodafone even offered an official statement to AP about the seemingly official launch day. If you want this device on a contract, then you can opt for £70 through EE (the contract will be signed on a 2-year basis). Phone4U will be another place you can order the HTC One from.

If you are in Canada, here is where you can buy this phone from: Rogers, Telus and Bell. If, however, you are from the US, then this model is going to be offered by AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. We will have to wait and see how much it will cost. In total, 80 countries will see this handset coming their way.

As for HTC, they announced that the One phone will come out late next month. But the exact date hasn’t been given, so all we have left is this rumor. So, it remains to be seen if they respect that decision of offering it next month or later. But at least you are able to pre-order the phone if you want to.