HTC launches dual-core Desire X on Vodafone

Famous Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has announced the release of their dual core Desire X on Vodafone.

The company behind this device labeled it as a smartphone capable of offering a lot of power and of keeping its owner enjoying time spent with it. Although no official date for the release of this smartphone has been set yet, we know the specs that the HTC Desire X will ship with. And throwing a look or a couple at them they appear good. However, as good as they may look, only an in-depth test will show what they are really worth.

But let’s see what these specifications are. The first one to attract our attention was the 5MP camera on the back of the device. A representative of HTC described it as very good, thanks to its proprietary Image Chip, great results despite conditions filled with poor light, continuous shooting, image and video shooting at the same time and so on. Another spec on this smartphone’s list is the touchscreen, a 4″ one. This display is a Super LCD model. It sports great qualities supposedly, such as the possibility to see content on it even if you keep it under the sun’s rays and superb clarity. Colors are also said to look excellent. The viewing angle was increased to assure better viewing. And the optical lamination completes the list of good specs.HTC-dual-core-Desire-X

It looks like this cam is among the top features on the Desire X made by HTC. And that’s because, apart from the features above, it also offers drop-box integration, a wide-angle lens, VideoPic, an automatic adjustable flash. This camera allows the phone’s user to save pics; which can then be shared using the tip of the finger.

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The VideoPic feature was pre-installed so that the user is able to simultaneously shoot a video or snap a pic. The autofocus used here is very fast; as is activation. The Drop-box is installed with a total of 25GB of free online storage. This is available for a duration of 2 years.

As things stand, HTC’s Desire X has no exact official release date. But it will, according to the company’s reps. You will find the smartphone if you visit a Vodafone store. The price this device is available for is €399 without a contract. If you sign a contract, you will pay nothing should you choose for either Smartphone 75 and Smartphone 95 plans. But for the Smartphone 35 and the Smartphone 55 you will need to pay €149 and €99 respectively.