How to Unroot Celkon A98

Here at we have a tutorial on how to root Celkon A98. If you already used it and were happy with what it did for your smartphone, then you should look for various tools to install on it.

But, if you are very much displeased with how the device reacts when you use it, or you want to simply have it return to its old performance, features, warranty and so on, it’s best if you unroot it. Just like in the case of the rooting guide, we have a tutorial on how to unroot the Celkon A98.


We put together this guide so that you could unroot your smartphone in a way that won’t make it difficult for you, especially if you are not a pro. To ensure the best way for you to unroot the Celkon A98, we have added the pre-requisites and steps we always use in our tutorials.

The first of them are the following: make sure you follow this guide only if you have rooted your phone via, download that you had to download for the rooting procedure, charge the battery of the device, use a Windows-running laptop, make a backup of the data that’s present on your A98 and then, when you’re done, do what the steps below prompt you to.Celkon-A98

If you are sure you have performed the above by the book, then please refer to the steps that are following up.

Important instructions

  1. Here is the first one: after having downloaded the Root Package, you need to send it to your computer’s desktop.
  2. When it’s there, you need to have its content unzipped to the same desktop, then prepare for step number two which asks you to enable USB debugging as shown here: click on the smartphone’s Menu, afterwards go to Settings and opt for Developer options; now check mark the box that’s near the USB debugging option.
  3. Step three is now telling you the following: once you are done with turning that option on, simply plug the A98 to your laptop with the former’s USB cable, then go to the desktop where the RunMe.bat file is; double-click on it.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]For step four you will need to choose an option known as Unroot. The handset should begin to unroot any time now.
  5. Step five: wait for the process to end on a successful note.

The second that happens, you will have to follow these actions up by just reveling in the once lost warranty. Also, the root-only applications that are on your Celkon A98 will work no more once you access them; and if you wish to flash others, you will see that you can’t.

That’s the price to pay if you wish to see your smartphone unrooted. But be glad: besides having the warranty back on, you will also be able to enjoy what you once thought couldn’t. Still, if you prefer your device just the way it is now, leave it rooted. That way you won’t regret unrooting it.

  • Swenska

    Can I use this tutorial if my device was rooted using another method? I want to be sure that the guide will work with my phone. Thank you! 😀

    • Catalin Nichita

      I cannot confirm you that this method will work for you because I don’t know which method have you used in your case. Could you offer supplemental details?

  • shankar

    I have used the above method to upgrade my celkon a98 by clock recovery but after all the installation and after phone doen’t getting rebooting and it get stuck at celkon logo plz help me. thank you! 😀

    • Catalin Nichita

      I have no solution at this moment because I don’t have the device (was used just for this guide). You should try to restore the backup for it, then repeat the guide.